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 Our Games

1. I have notified ACBL to remove our Thursday evening 750 game from their website as of 1/1/15.

2. We have 20 tables signed up for the Holiday Party.



At present we have 158 members (last year's max was 180).



1. The beginning class is finishing its second book of Audrey Grant today.

2. Elaine DeLaney was continuing to run lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Play and Practice Sessions on Friday afternoons. Her lessons are on hold for now.

3. John Killeen's session on the negative double drew 13 people.

4. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler are taking a much-deserved break.



1. The usual duties of filing the monthly report with ACBL, updating the bulletin boards and database, and settling members' master point issues have been performed.

2. We received reimbursement from Unit 154 for the ACBL-wide Charity game and a refund for overpaying the sanction fee..

3. The process of obtaining members' permission to print their phone numbers in our club directory is ongoing. Letters have been sent out to members we haven't heard from.

4. I would like to propose we give Chris Papai a Christmas bonus.

5. Joan Tobler would like to purchase a Christmas tree to use next year at holiday time.

6. While I am gone (12/21/14 to 1/13/15), Joan Tobler will take over making announcements, finding 299ers partners, monitoring the cleaning, and performing any other necessary duties. I recommend she be given some free plays. Elaine DeLaney said she will do the monthly ACBL report, and Maureen Trubac is a back-up if Elaine doesn't feel like doing it.

7. We are registered for a number of Inter-Club Championship Games in 2015. The ACBL Club Manager's handbook says an additional $1/person entry fee is required. We are currently registered for 10 of these events in 2015. Does the additional cost change our mind about participating in this?

 Members' Concerns

1. On two separate occasions the bathrooms have been left in an unusable situation. Tom Hebron dealt with one, and Margaret Lewis with another. Both wanted me to let the Board know about this problem.

2. Jim Feinstein suggests we poll the members and seek their opinion about computer-generated hands.

3. Several of the members have approached me with the request to have an e-mail directory in addition to the phone directory.

Submitted by:    Patricia Killeen

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