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Club Manager Report – January 20, 2015


At present we have 174 members (6 fewer than last year).



1. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler are filling in for Elaine DeLaney on Wednesdays on a temporary basis.

2. Elaine has returned to giving lessons to the 99er's on Tuesdays and organizing the game that day. She is also running the Friday afternoon Play and Practice Session.



1. Elaine DeLaney filed the December report with ACBL while I was out of town. Joan Tobler, Jo Ann Steigmeyer, and Bill Searcy took care of my other duties while I was out of town. Their assistance was greatly appreciated.

2. The usual duties of updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score have been performed. I purged 25 non-renewed members from the database.

3. I have received permission from nearly all our members to print their phone number in the club directory. The 2015 phone directory is nearly ready for publication.

4. I am working on getting members' permission for an e-mail directory.

5. I have registered for the February, 2015 StaC games and posted Conditions of Contest on the Director's bulletin board. Sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin boards.

6. I recommend membership renewal run from 11/15-12/15 in the future. We will re-design the membership application form so that members can give permission to print their phone number/e-mail when they fill out the form.

7. I have sent in the necessary paperwork for ACBL reimbursement of $292.50 (75% of $390) for the cost of our 4 months of ads in Coffee News.

8. The March/April calendars are nearly ready for publication – as soon as we choose a date for the Recognition Program.

9. Elaine DeLaney wants to hold a memorial service for Tim on a Saturday in March. As soon as she lets me know the date, I will put it on the calendar and coordinate providing food and getting a head count of who's coming.

10. The Farner trophy is being engraved with Dee Stevenson's and Jill Mroczkiewicz's names.


Recognition Program and Trophy Wall

1. We have seven honorees: Suzanne Watson and Chris Grande (gold life masters); John Hamilton, Ilse Grove, Maureen Trubac, Phil Kolski, and Dee Stevenson (bronze life masters).

2. I have offered the honorees April 25 or May 2 as possible dates for the Recognition Program.

3. John Killeen, Jo Ann Steigmeyer, and I are beginning to prepare the Recognition Program program and to update the trophy wall.


Members' Concerns

  1. What is the Board's policy on people phoning in to reserve a north/south seating?

  2. What criteria should be used in deciding which players' names go on the 99'er chart on the trophy wall?


Respectfully submitted by
Patricia Killeen

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