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Club Manager Report – February 17, 2015


At present we have 179 members.


1. Jo Ann Steigmeyer, Joan Tobler, Elaine DeLaney, John and Tricia Killeen met on Sunday, February 15 to discuss the education program. Elaine will return to teaching the Wednesday lesson as of March 4, Tricia Killeen is forming a beginning class either on Tuesday or Thursday morning, Jo Ann and Joan will offer 4-6 weeks of lessons from time to time on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays (depending on which day is available). Elaine will continue to supervise Friday Play and Practice, and Tricia offered to fill-in whenever she wanted a break.


1. Elaine DeLaney would like to hold a memorial service for Tim on Saturday, March 14. There will be a lunch and tributes to Tim from 12-1:30 followed by a game. Joan Tobler, Jo Ann Steigmeyer, and Tricia Killleen are working to coordinate the details of this event. Elaine would like people to make a contribution to Goodwill in memory of Tim.

2. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score, and solving members' masterpoint issues have been performed.

3. The March and April calendars, the phone directory, and the e-mail directory have been published.

4. The ACBL sent $292.50 for our 4 months of advertising in Coffee News. Unit 154 replaced the missing check that covered reimbursement for special games in 2014.

5. Four Winds Heating replaced the thermostat and re-programmed the new one. The temperature will be 72 between the hours of 9 am-6 pm every day of the week and 62 the rest of the time.

6. StaC, Ace of Clubs, and Mini-Kenney results have been posted on the bulletin boards.

7. Invite a Friend Day: I suggest we designate a Saturday in June and have our members invite someone they know who plays bridge (who has never come to the Bridge Center) to come to a lunch and game. I suggest this be a free event. Barb Fedder has offered her help in making this event a success.

8. The Unit 154 By-Laws and Standing Rules are available for our members to read. They will be asked to vote on them at the Spring Sectional in April.

Recognition Program and Trophy Wall

1. Saturday, May 2 is the date for the Recognition Program.

2. Barbara Medlock's picture was added to the 90+ photograph display.

3. The updated Farner trophy is on the wall, and I sent 4 copies of the newsletter to the Farner children.

4. The trophy wall will be updated in the near future.

Members' Concerns

1. The noise level during the games is unacceptable.

2. The use of an extension cord for a high intensity lamp is dangerous.

  1. Three items require the Board to go into executive session.

Respectfully submitted by
Patricia Killeen

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