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Club Manager Report – May 19, 2015

1. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and I did a re-check on our membership: we have 177 members. Our newest member is Roger Chrastil.

1. The Beginning Class offered by John and Tricia Killeen has finished Lesson 7 of 16.
2. Elaine DeLaney continues to offer lessons on Wednesdays from 11:00-12:30 and Play and Practice on Fridays from 2-4:30 pm. Elaine continues to work tirelessly to promote the Tuesday 99er game.

1. An updated 2015 version of Special Games at the Club was made available to the membership.
2. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score, reporting 70% games, and solving members' master point issues have been performed.
3. Fliers and invitations for Bridge and Brunch on June 20 have been prepared and distributed.
4. I propose Wednesday, September 9, 2015 for the Annual Meeting. The By-Laws state the Annual Meeting must be held before September 15. While we usually have such meetings on Mondays, September 7 is Labor Day and September 14 is Rosh Hashanah (a Jewish high holy day).
5. Procedure and Timetable to amend the by-laws:
*July 21 Board Meeting: Amendments to the By-laws need to be submitted to and discussed by the Board. Amendments cannot be voted on until the next month's meeting.
*August 18 Board Meeting: The Board votes on any amendments to the by-laws
*August 10-August 25: 15-30 day window of notification of SBBC members of Annual Meeting
*September 9 Annual Meeting: A 2/3 majority of the membership in attendance is required for passage of the amendment.
6. We have been encouraging our members to declare SBBC as their home club and to register to vote in Unit 154 elections. We have also been encouraging them to nominate themselves for Unit 154 representative positions. Our club will not be involved in the 2015 Unit 154 election.
7. A request for the ACBL Cooperative Advertising Program's pre-approval of ads to be placed below the bridge column in the South Bend Tribune has been submitted. Now that the South Bend Tribune has relocated the bridge column, a business card size ad (3.22” wide by 2” long) will cost $40 each time it's run. The Tribune asks for a 13 twice weekly or a 26 week once weekly commitment (although that is not carved in stone). ACBL reimbursement is 75%.
8. A request for reimbursement for the sanction fee for a club charity game has been made to Unit 154 in the amount of $64.
9 A sympathy card was sent to Cal Miller's family.
10. Vic Papai and Chris Clarke will receive free plays for winning “Where in the World is JoEllen DePaepe.
11. Joan Tobler will receive 6 free plays for serving as club manager while Tricia Killeen was out of town.

Our Games
1. We raised 170.00 for Ronald McDonald House in South Bend and $184.00 for Wounded Warriors.
Member donations were $106/$124 respectively, and the club added $64/60 respectively.
2. We had 14 tables at the Recognition Program on May 2. Lunch was provided free of charge to all who attended. Lynn Miller won $84 in the 50/50 raffle.
3. Our Thursday night sanction is inactive so we can only offer regular points for an “ad hoc” game. I contacted Marci Meyer, Unit 154 Secretary/Treasurer and she has given us permission to make the game a Unit level Grass Roots Fund Game which pays 100% sectionally rated black points.
The Library
1. A new addition to the library is a folder entitled, “All About Weak Two's” - this was a combined effort of Jim Feinstein, John Killeen and Jo Ann Steigmeyer.

Members' Concerns
1. The 399er players would prefer to play 3-4 boards/round; they do not like rounds with only 2 boards. This was brought to my attention by Mary Wisniewski and Clarke Dippell.

2. Bill Blauvelt would like to acquaint the Board and the members of SBBC of a project he's been working on to help blind bridge players. Here is a copy of his e-mail to Jo Ann Steigmeyer:

Thank you for the great work with the newsletter. If appropriate, I'm hoping you might help me pass on some information to the club members. I'm working on a project to help blind individuals (mainly seniors) play cards. I haven't been able to develop anything for blind bridge player (other than braille), however, I did invent euchre cards for the blind about 7 years ago when my father lost the last of his vision. Braille cards present many challenges for seniors, so I developed an alternative. The cards work well and I have received much encouragement to distribute these cards on a large scale. I am working on an altruistic program to distribute hundreds of decks of specially designed euchre cards on a not-for-profit basis. This project has been accepted on the fund raising program. The Kickstarter guidelines encourage project organizers to do as much a possible to publicize and spread the word. I do have a SB Tribune article (Kathy Borlik) coming out in a few weeks, but more help is needed. Bridge club members will understand this situation better than most, and I am hoping this information can be passed on for members to consider and pass on. In the next few days I will have an online site setup to accept contributions ( or I will let you know when that is arranged. For those who would like to support this project by purchasing cards, they may go directly to our ETSY shop at You will notice on that site that my grandchildren and I have also developed a card game for blind children. I truly believe that this program will help many who have lost their vision play cards again. I will encourage members to look at the suport website ad pass the information to others. Thank you for your help. Best wishes,
Bill Blauvelt, 574-286-0081.

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