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Club Manager Report June 16, 2015


1. Our membership count is now 181. New members include John Teshima, Carlton Cook, Kathy Peterson, and Phyllis Steele


1. The beginning class has completed 11 of 16 lessons. It has 5-6 attending on a regular basis.

2. Elaine DeLaney continues to offer lessons on Wednesdays from 11-12:30 and Fridays from 2-4:30. We are still having difficulty attracting enough players to hold a Tuesday 99er game.


1. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score, reporting 70% games, and solving members' master point issues have been performed. July and August calendars have been circulated.

2. A letter was sent to Kim Wilson, Editor and Publisher of the South Bend Tribune, asking for the typeface of the Bridge Column to be increased and asking for placement of our upcoming ad to be adjacent to the Bridge Column. Once we receive a response, I am ready to place our ad in the Tribune. It will run for 26 weeks at a cost of $40/week. Total cost of the ad is $1040, and ACBL reimbursement will equal $750.

3. Sympathy cards were sent to the Grossnickle family and Florence Retek. Get well cards were sent to Stan Shook, Dave Irwin, Kaye Kale, and Sarah Ann Mueller.

4. The voter registration lists in which 57 SBBC members declared SBBC as their home club have been sent to Gary Chaney and Marci Meyer.

5. We celebrated Bud Parshall's 90th birthday with a cake and a gift card from Barnes & Noble. We'll be adding his photo and Dorothy Cahill's to our 90+ Wall.

6. Table 6 has a new Michigan cherry top thanks to Tom Hebron.

7. A list of 299ers has been prepared for John Hamilton to use for promoting the upcoming summer sectional.

8. ACBL's monthly newsletter Tricks of the Trade suggested ways to attract social bridge players to the club. One of the suggestions was to have the Bridge Center be a “meet up” place for social bridge players.

Our Games

1. Bridge and Brunch to be held on June 20, 2015 has reservations for 10 tables at the moment.

2. The May 28 Pro-Am was a resounding success – beautiful weather, 16 tables, great desserts. Thanks to Bill Searcy and Joan Tobler for their hard work and to all who contributed food.

Members' Concerns

1. What support can we offer Bill Blauvelt's project to develop cards for the blind?

2. Should we reduce the number of special games we offer on Sundays?

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