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Club Manager's Report – July 21, 2015



  1. We have 183 members – our newest are James Kilbourne and David Barkmeier.



1. September and October calendars are being presented. I wish to point out 3 things:

*ICCG games have been eliminated.

*Due to the $11/ACBL table fee, the entry fee for the 10/16 Instant Matchpoint Game has been raised to $8/person

*The 10th Anniversary Halloween Party needs someone to plan the event.

2. The 70% games for June have been reported, the June ACBL monthly report was done, the bulletin boards and database have been updated.

3. Sympathy cards and a donation from the club were sent to the family of Robert C. Adams.

4. Bill Blauvelt gave a presentation on his Cards for the Blind project on Monday, July 13. We will change the August 31 game from Junior Fund to Club Charity and solicit donations from the members.

5. Our first ad in the South Bend Tribune on July 6 generated 2 phone calls. One person attended the July 9 beginning class. A second ad appeared on 7/14/2015.

6. Our appeal to the South Bend Tribune to have the type font of the Bridge Column increased was successful.

7. Our air conditioning system broke down, and all 3 estimates indicated we needed a whole new system. Town & Country will pay half the cost of $7380 and Four Winds Heating & Cooling will do the work. Installation is scheduled for 7/23/2015.

8. We purchased a new program, Bridge Assist, to help the directors time each round. The cost was $30.15.

9. We have hired Pete Leonardis to paint the Bridge Center. Pete is charging $750, and we are supplying the paint and supplies needed for the job. Due to the SB Sectional using the Bridge Center on July 24-26, Pete will start the week of July 27 in the evenings and on Saturdays until the work is completed.

Our Games

1. Bridge and Brunch drew 9 tables of members and guests. Everyone was very complimentary about the day. All the food was donated, and the only cost to the club was 20 bottles of water/pop and the director's fee.

2. Barb Fedder and Tricia Killeen have been following up with weekly e- mails and telephone calls to the participants inviting them to return to the Bridge Center. Several of the participants have come to the Friday Lesson and Play Sessions. One has come to the Tuesday game, one to the Monday game. One has become a member of SBBC.

3. We have changed the August 21 game from NAP to regular to accommodate a request made from the St. Joe Club whose sectional is August 21-23.



1. It is still a struggle to attract players to the Tuesday '99er game. The Friday afternoon Lesson & Play has been drawing 1-3 tables each week.

2. The beginning class that started in March will end on July 23. Play and Practice sessions will begin on July 30 and continue through the end of the year. This is being done to allow the beginners a chance to apply their skills and to fulfill the requirements of the ACBL Cooperative Advertising Program that says we offer beginning lessons on Thursdays from 9:30-11:30.


Members Concerns

1. Multiple complaints came in about the poor seeding of the field on numerous dates. On 4 dates in June, the seeding was significantly wrong, and 3 of these games were NAP whose conditions of contest require proper seeding.

2. Multiple complaints were registered about the movement used on July 10 (an NAP game in which there was only one overall winner, the table arrangement was re-aligned, and an arrow switch during the last round was used. Bud Hinckley responded to these in an e-mail to the Board and the directors.

3. Jo Ann Steigmeyer is quite concerned about the length of time it's taking for our webmaster to post things on the website. For example, she submitted the July newsletter on 7/1/15 and as of 7/14/15 it still wasn't up there. Tricia Killeen did speak to John Nichols on 7/14 who confirmed he had just posted a number of things (director schedule, new banner announcing Chris Habegger becoming a life master). This is true, but John has been taking an extremely long time to post things.



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