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1. We have 1 new member: Anne Reed for a total of 182.


1. In preparation for the September 9 Annual Meeting, the official notice of the meeting has been e- mailed and paper copies given to members without e-mail addresses.

2. The usual activities of preparing the July report for ACBL, reporting the 70% games, updating bulletin boards, updating the member's points from the ACBL website, and taking care of member's points situations have been completed.

3. The painting and redecorating project is nearly finished. Many thanks are owed to Barb Fedder for all her efforts.

4. September and October calendars have been distributed.

5. The Annual Report is being prepared to give to members at the Annual Meeting.


1. Friday afternoon Lesson and Learn sessions are drawing 2-3 tables/week. Thursday morning Play and Practice sessions are drawing 4-6 players.


1. We have had 4 responses to our ad in the South Bend Tribune so far.

Our Games

1. As of July 31, 2015 we were ½ table below last year's count. Every table we have in August counts as an improvement over last year's total.

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