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Club Manager Report – September 15, 2015


1. We have 3 new members for a total of 185: Jody Praklet, Jim Heiner, Bobbi Jo Dickerson.



1. I am working on calendars for November/December, but I need to know if we are changing the entry fee, when we want to have the Holiday Party, do we want to contribute to the National MS Society, do we want to use our upgraded club championship on a Thursday in December?

2. All the usual duties have been performed: filing the August ACBL report, updating the database, updating the bulletin boards etc.

3. I have applied to ACBL to renew our game sanctions for 2016.

4. The phone service has been changed from DSL to ATT U-verse, and we have dropped

2 services so the overall effect should produce about $412/year in savings.

5. The service award trophy will be engraved with Tricia Killeen's name.

6. The Annual Report was given to the members on September 9.

7. A massive purging of the contents of the file cabinet has been done.

8. Four Winds installed new duct work to eliminate the annoying “whistling” sound that the old duct work produced. Now we need to deal with the increased air flow making Table 11 the coldest spot in the room.

9. The carpet will be cleaned on October 3.

10. Because a game in April, 2015 was double-counted (as both a morning and an afternoon game), I notified the players affected and the ACBL that they were losing the double points from that day. ACBL is sending a refund of the excess table fees we paid.

11. Many players like the spiral bound “Shuffle, Deal, and Pray!” convention card books. We could make a bulk order, sell them to the players, and make a little profit for the club. If we order 51 copies, our cost would be $11/book (approximately). Players are used to paying $16/book.

12. Joan Tobler, Barbara Fedder, and Bob Knoblock won election to the Board of Directors. John Hamilton was nominated from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

13. A list of NAP qualifiers has been submitted to Martha Leary, the District 8 NAP coordinator.



1. The beginning bridge class Play and Practice session is averaging 6/session. Two are new players who responded to our ad in the South Bend Tribune.

2. Friday afternoon Lesson and Learn is drawing 2-3 tables each week.

3. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler started a series of lessons on September 14 on Forcing and Non-Forcing Bids. 11 attended the first class.



1. Our ad in the South Bend Tribune has generated 6 responses to date. Two are coming regularly on Thursday's.

2. We will file for ACBL reimbursement of the July-August-September cost of the ads in October. The ad will continue through December, and we will file for a second reimbursement in January.


Our Games

1. The September calendar was changed by switching the type of game on the 23rd to a regular game and the 24th is now an International Fund game. This was done in respect of the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur.

2. There will be a special charity game on October 19 to benefit the District 8 Youth Bridge Camp. The entry fee will be $7, and the extra dollar will be sent to District 8.

3. The September 17 Pro-Am has 18 tables registered. Joan Tobler has been working very hard to make this event a success. We were awarded a special unit level special game which pays 85% of sectionally-rated black points to use that evening.

4. Plans for the 10th anniversary Halloween Party are underway.

5. The Instant Matchpoint Game will be held on Friday afternoon in 2016. Do we wish to participate?

6. We will participate in the ACBL-wide Senior Game on March 7, 2016 and the ACBL-wide International Fund Game #2 on Thursday, July 14, 2016. All the other special games are being held at times when we do not have games: Int'l Fund Game #1 (Sat. afternoon), ACBL-wide Charity Games (Thursday morning and Tuesday evening), World Wide Bridge Contest (Friday evening and Saturday afternoon), Int'l Fund Game #3 (Wednesday evening)


Members' Concerns

1. Members are having difficulty punching in the numbers on the Bridgemate.

2. Most members like the circular arrangement proposed by Bud Hinckley to be used when we have 11 tables.

3. Several members have expressed dislike of the Hesitation Mitchell movement.

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