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October Club Manager Report – 10/20/2015 

Our Membership

1. We have one new member: Anne Reed for a total of 186.

 Our Games

1. We collected $64 on October 19 to support the District 8 Youth Bridge Camp.

2. We had 10.5 tables for the Instant Matchpoint Game on 10/16/15. Bill Searcy and Bud Hinckley did a tremendous amount of preparation to make sure the Instant Matchpoint Game ran successfully.


1. Elaine DeLaney continues to hold her Friday afternoon Lesson & Learn sessions.

2. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler gave 3 lessons in September and October, and John Killeen has given two in October.

3. The Thursday morning Play and Practice sessions are drawing 7-8 players each week. The group plays hands from the Wednesday game, and it's good news that we are growing.

4. Elaine DeLaney has finished mentoring Margaret Lewis, and Joan Tobler has finished mentoring Dennis David. No other mentorships are happening at this time.


1. I am about to file for reimbursement with ACBL for the first 3 months of our ad in the South Bend Tribune.


1. The usual duties of filing the monthly report with ACBL, updating the bulletin boards and database, and settling members' masterpoint issues have been done.

2. November and December calendars have been issued.

3. The website has been updated with new director information, and our webmaster has been more prompt in uploading items.

4. We celebrated Dottie Cahill's 92nd birthday with cake and a flower.

5. The Tuesday 399er game has drawn only 1 pair so far.

6. A survey of the table count for the week preceding, the week following, and StaC week for the past 3 years has been prepared for John Hamilton. It is available to anyone else who would want a copy.

7. Our transition from DSL to ATT Uverse has been completed with no issues.

8. Bob Knoblock, Vic Papai, and John Killeen cleaned the Bridgemates on 10/3. Tricia Killeen and Joan Tobler cleaned out the back hall cabinets and the Discipline Committee files.

 9. We have a supply of Shuffle, Deal & Pray books available for our members at a cost of $13. Four have been sold so far.

10. Many of our directors and the club manager attended a Directors' session in Fort Wayne that was very useful and informative.

11. We will begin our 2016 membership drive on November 1, 2015 and complete it (hopefully) by December 1 with the goal of issuing a roster by January 1, 2016

12. The membership application form has been revised to include members giving permission to have their telephone information published in our directory.

13. A policy book that includes Board policy on various topics needs to be created.

14. Since the club manager will be gone from 12/8-12/28, it would be good to give free plays to Joan Tobler who will run things during that time.

15. We are registered for StaC week October 26-November 1.

 Members' Concerns

1. Several members expressed the desire to play more than 3 other teams at the Sunday Swiss team.

2. Are we giving out the password to our members that will allow them to use the club WiFi?


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