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Club Manager Report – February 16, 2016


At present we have 164 members – no change since January.



1. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Chris Barker will be offering a refresher course at the Waterford on Thursdays, beginning March 10.

2. Tricia Killeen will start a new set of beginning lessons March 4 for 16 weeks.

3. Dennis David will be teaching at Forever Learning.



1. A summary of special games at the club in 2016 has been distributed to the membership.

2. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score, and solving members' masterpoint issues have been performed.

3. The March and April calendars, the phone directory, and the e-mail directory have been published.

4. We have filed with ACBL for reimbursement of the cost of advertising in the South Bend Tribune for the months of October, November, and December. What advertising plans for 2016 does the Board wish to pursue?

5. We have new laminated table cards for many different movements thanks to Bud Hinckley, Jo Ann Steigmeyer, and Tricia Killeen.

6. StaC, Ace of Clubs, and Mini-Kenney results have been posted on the bulletin boards.

7. A Free Play Committee composed of Vic Papai, John Killeen, and Tricia Killeen has met and is submitting proposals to the Board of Directors for consideration.

8. A $100 gift card to Outback was sent to John Nichols, our webmaster, in appreciation for his service.


Recognition Program and Trophy Wall

1. Saturday, April 23 is the date for the Recognition Program. Honorees have been notified, the program is nearly finished, and persons to do the tributes have been lined up.

3. The updated Farner trophy is on the wall, and I sent 4 copies of the newsletter to the Farner children.

Two of the Farners have responded with thanks for our efforts.

4. The trophy wall is nearly finished being updated.

5. We have 22 Golden Age Masters (over age 70 and over 300 masterpoints) to honor. I propose designating a Wednesday in May to honor them with cake, certificates, and an upgraded membership game.


South Bend Sectional

1. Where can we store tables and bidding boxes that Kim Grant and Gary Cheney are bringing March 25 and want to leave until the summer sectional?


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