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Club Manager Report – April 19, 2016


At present we have 168 members. Mike Heimann and Geoff Hadlock are our newest members.


1. The beginning class has 11 students, and we have completed 8/16 lessons.

2. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler have been teaching on Monday mornings. Their sessions will end at the end of the month. Elaine DeLaney will resume her lessons on Wednesday in May.

3. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Chris Barker offered a series of lessons at the Waterford for 6 weeks that has now ended. We hope many from the group will transfer over to the Bridge Center.

4. Dennis David's Forever Learning class is going well and will run until mid-May. Denny is also encouraging those students to transfer over to the Bridge Center.


1. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score, reporting 70% games, and solving members' master point issues have been performed.

2. The May and June calendars have been posted.

3. Updated copies of the By-laws are being prepared to reflect the passage of 5.3.1 which defines how many meetings a board member can miss.

4. Filing the March report went much more smoothly because Bud Hinckley made Outlook Express our default browser. ACBL Score doesn't like Google Chrome apparently.

5.We are ready for the April 23 Recognition Program.

6. I propose adding to the Policy Book that we will not hold a game on Easter Sunday.

7. Nancy Saunders has donated her father's bridge library to the club. The books have been added to the shelves, Nancy has been thanked, and the next newsletter will list the new titles available.

8. We have received estimates on repairing or removing the carpeting. Joan Tobler has all the details



1. Our ad in the South Bend Tribune is running from March through August. ACBL's CAP reimbursement has been dropped to $500 (instead of $750) so we will have to absorb more of the cost ourselves. We have had no responses to the March or April ads to date.


Our Games

1. We have been given a unit championship game sanction for the Pro-Am.

2. I propose we sanction a Newcomer Game to begin on Thursday mornings in July for the players coming out of the beginning lessons.

Unit 154

1. The Spring Sectional went very well, and John Hamilton reported it made approximately $500.


Members' Concerns

1. One member has asked that we drop the opening lead requirement on the Bridge Mate.

2. Several members reported their February points didn't appear on their copy of the Bridge Bulletin. I checked and found the points were listed on the ACBL website. I assume, since I had to file the report “through the back door” and was finally successful by March 6, the deadline for scores to appear in the bulletin somehow got missed. If the next Bridge Bulletin doesn't have the February points, I will contact ACBL to find out why.

3. What is the Board's policy on when to call an ambulance?


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