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Club Manager Report – March 15, 2016


At present we have 166 members. We added Jill Culby from St. Joe MI and Gloria Bates from South Bend this past month.


1. The Thursday morning beginning bridge class has 8 students at present with 3 on loan to Jo Ann Steigmeyer's lessons at the Waterford.

2. Elaine DeLaney will take a break while Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler present lessons on Monday mornings. The first session on March 14 drew 15.

3. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Chris Barker are offering a refresher course at the Waterford Assisted Living for 6 weeks on Thursday mornings. Their first session had 8 students.

4. Dennis David has an enrollment of 16 at Forever Learning.

5. Elaine DeLaney's Friday afternoon Lesson and Learn sessions are drawing 2-3 tables/week.


1. The transition to ACBLScore version 8.01 created many problems when submitting the February report. Tricia Killeen is pursuing a solution to this problem, but scheduling a session with Tony Green at ACBL headquarters has been difficult because of the large numbers of other clubs having the same problems.

2. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score, reporting 70% games, and solving members' master point issues have been performed.

3. The 1099 forms have been sent to the IRS, and the annual tax return has been prepared and filed.

4 The Recognition Program will be held on April 23, and persons to honor the honorees have been chosen. The program is ready for printing.

5. We have resumed our CAP ad in the South Bend Tribune – it will run from March through August, 2016. We received $390 reimbursement for the October-December 2015 ads. The ACBL voted to limit CAP reimbursement to $500/project as of 4/1/2016 (previously it was $750). We are committed to the South Bend Tribune for 6 months in the current campaign.

6. We will celebrate Gil Fox's 90th birthday on March 22 at the club.

7. New table cards featuring Director Dog have been laminated for Mitchell movements.

8. We have a new mailbox to replace the one that was destroyed by the front door hitting it during a windstorm.

9. Tom Hebron and I met with Todd of Four Winds to discuss the heating situation. This is a work in progress to solve problems.

10. Unit 154 will hold an election in May. SBBC is eligible to fill 2 seats for the Unit Board. We need to solicit candidates to run for these seats.

 Members' Concerns

1. Do we have a monitor problem?

2. Why don't we use the director of the day to collect the money and assign players to their seats as they arrive?

3. Do we have an annual audit, and, if not, shouldn't we?


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