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October Club Manager Report – 10/18/2016

 Our Membership

1. No new members to report.

2. We will run our membership drive from November 1-30, 2016.


Our Games

1. We collected $87 on October 17 to support the District 8 Youth Bridge Camp.

2. We continue to have low table count.



1. Elaine DeLaney's Friday afternoon sessions have had low attendance. Elaine is considering canceling the session or a new format. A poll of the Thursday newcomers about turning Friday afternoon into a sanctioned game received positive feedback.

2. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler continued their Monday morning sessions.

3. The Thursday morning Newcomer Game has been averaging 3 tables/week, and the beginning lessons are drawing 6-8 each week. The beginning lesson players will finish in November and hopefully will join the Newcomer Game. A new session of beginning lessons will begin in January.

4. Elaine DeLaney will mentor Julie Nelson. Tom Hallum has completed his mentorship of Ben Paulson.



1. All the necessary paperwork has been turned into ACBL to be reimbursed for our ads in the South Bend Tribune. We expect a check for $500.



1. The usual duties of filing the monthly report with ACBL, updating the bulletin boards and database, and settling members' masterpoint issues have been done.

2. We are registered for StaC week October 31-November 6.

3. Indianapolis charges $8 for a club championship, $9 for a charity club championship, and $10 for an ACBL-wide charity game, StaC, NAP game, or other special game.
The ACBL website has been down for several days so I was unable to research other clubs' entry fees.

4. Our game sanctions for 2017 have been renewed.

5. The poll of the members returned the following results:

56 favored the $1 surcharge; 24 favored the reduction of special games.


Members' Concerns sent in with the poll

1. What is the longer term solution?

2. Charge for coffee.

3. Eliminate snacks. Would this eliminate the need for a hostess and those free plays?

4. Raise the membership dues to $15.

5. How can Michigan City only charge $2?

6. Re-evaluate the high volume of free plays.

7. Raise the membership dues $5.

8. Lower the director fees $5.

9. Check into free plays – have them pay $1-2 on special game days.

10. Have a 50/50 drawing once or twice a month.

11. Is it clear that more money is lost on special game days? Could their added costs be offset by higher attendance.

12. If higher attendance is associated with special game days, perhaps people will crowd into the fewer dates and overall attendance will not be changed at all.

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