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Below are the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting.  Each set of minutes is subject to the next month's Board approval.

DRAFT SBBC Board Meeting

Tuesday November 19, 2013 10:00 am

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Hebron. Members in attendance: Tom Hebron, Maureen Trubac, Karen Drain, Tricia Killeen, Mary Adams, Vic Papai, Tim Carol, Bill Searcy, Jo Ellen DePaepe, Sally Frame and Jo Ann Steigmeyer.

The minutes of the Oct. meeting were approved with no corrections.

Treasurers Report

Checking acct has $11,529.00. There was a $420 donation for the chairs. Due have come in with 163 members so far for 2014. We have a $6,000 CD worth $6,326 now. There is also one for $4,000 worth about $4,100.

Club Managers Report

See Addendum 1 for Tricia Killeen's report. Addendum 2 is her proposal to amend the Bylaws.

Tricia explained what all the special games are. It was suggested that this should be in the newsletter. The ACBL membership game and the North American Pairs are games with many extra points.

District 8 NAP Tournament: If members of our club attend they are given some money for this. This year it was $74. This came from the unit.

Trifold Distribution

It was decided not to have any more printed at the moment.


Sally Frame mentioned that there are 2 magazines(Sassy and Boom) that highlight things to do in Michiana. She is going to look into the cost of putting in an ad in these magazines. We will be putting in an ad in Senior Living which will be in every month and cost the club $25/month. ACBL will pay $75 for their part.

Directors Report

The directors will discuss balancing the fields at their next meeting. There will be three 8 board matches. Instant matchpoint games were discussed. These are more costly and the entry fee will be raised. 1st and 2nd place get gold points. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

New Business

Tom Hebron announced that all reports, bank statements, minutes and monthly ACBL reports should go in the file cabinet.

Current bylaws are on our web site. Also the minutes of the board meeting will be posted on our web site. Jo Ann will have our webmaster create a new link on the website for the Minutes and will upload them once the secretary emails them to her. They will say DRAFT at the top because they'll go out before board approval.

Heat settings will be adjusted according to the number of people playing. Mon. and Wed. it will be at 70. Tuesday will be 72. Other days according to attendance.

There was discussion on recognition for new members.

Discussion of having an ad on the website for all classes especially for beginners.

It was decided to continue having the board meeting on the third Tuesday of the month.

Since the Pro-Am game was so popular it was decided to hold it on the same scheduled game day each month for 6 months. There was discussion on how it would work.

Jo Ellen will pursue a Facebook page for the club. She wondered whether or not we could put the ACBL logo in our page and Tricia said she would check into it for her.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45.


Karen Drain, Secretary


Club Manager's Report – November 19, 2013

1.      The Fall Championship event made $80 due to Joan Tobler's frugal management skills. The event had 11 tables which was the same as last year's event. Ruth Minish donated the wine; Joan Tobler, Linda Podlin, and Tricia Killeen donated the cookies.

2.      A 90th birthday celebration for Bob Currey was held on 11/13/13. Bob was given a book Belgians in Michigan. Thanks for this choice go to Bill Minish who knew of Bob's interest in genealogy.

3.      Elaine DeLaney and I have been making a real effort to reinstate the Tuesday game, and I'm happy to report we had 3 tables on 11/12/13. Elaine has been holding Friday afternoon practice sessions, and I have been sending weekly e-mails to players who have finished beginning lessons but who aren't yet playing in a game. I've been promoting a Thursday night practice sesssion and publicizing Jo Ann's and Elaine's lessons. We've been attracting 2 tables usually on Friday afternoons and 1 table on Thursday nights. JoAnn Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler drew about 20 people for each class in their most recent series, “What Do I Do Now?”

4.      Bud Hinckley, Rich Mao, Geoff Hadlock, Mike Heimann, Ginny and Ron Peterson represented us at the NAP tournament in Springfield, IL on 11/8/13.Geoff and Mike won the C Strat and a free trip to ACBL Nationals in Dallas. I've congratulated them, and Jo Ann will incude their triumph in the next newsletter.

5.      Draft copies of the January and February, 2014, calendars are being presented to the Board.

6.      A proposal to amend the by-laws is being presented as well as a proposed set of guidelines to give the nominating committee.

7.      We have a key hanging by the front door so members who wish to go outside can get back in without propping the door open.

8.      We have 165 members (approximately).

9.      A draft ad for beginning lessons has been submitted to ACBL, and I'm waiting for their approval. We plan to place the ad in Senior Life, Niles Senior News, and the Granger Gazette in January 2014. Do we also wish to advertise in the South Bend Tribune?

10.  Marian David made a complaint about Elaine DeLaney reserving table 1 NS for Tim DeLaney and John Bodish. She teaches a class which begins at 11 am, and obviously has first chance to reserve a table. What is the Board's policy on this?

11.  When the words I spoke at a board meeting come back to me verbatim from the person to whom I was referring, I would like to urge everyone here that what is said at a board meeting is meant to stay here.

12.  We've had one request for better snacks and one request to offer free plays for people in the community to come and play.

Proposal to Amend the Bylaws


5.2.2: A nominating committee of three SBBC members in good standing shall be appointed by the President by the first week of July. At least one member of the nominating committee shall not be a member of the Board. A nominee may not be a member of the committee. A general meeting of the SBBC shall be held by September 15th of each year at which time the nominating committee shall present its slate of candidates. Additional nomintions may be made from the floor.


5.2.2: A nominating committee of three SBBC members in good standing shall be appointed by the President by the first week of July. At least one member of the nominating committee shall be a member of the Board, and at least one member shall not be a member of the Board. A nominee may not be a member of the committee.A general meeting of the SBBC shall be held by September 15th of each year at which time the nominating committee shall present its slate of candidates.. The number of candidates nominated by the committee (the slate) will match the number of openings that need to be filled on the board. Additional nominations may be made from the floor.


Guidelines for the Nominating Committee

1.      The President, following the by-laws, will choose the Nominating Committee by the first week of July.

2.      The Chair should ask the membership if anyone is interested in running for the board. An e-mail to members of the club or an article in the August issue of the newsletter would be the most likely ways to accomplish this

3.      The Nominating Committee should meet and discuss potential candidates

4.      Incumbent members of the Board should be asked if they wish to run for a second term.

5.      The by-laws state that a nominee to the board shall have been a member in good standing of the SBBC for at least one year and shall be a member of the ACBL.

6.      Members of the Nominating Committee should contact candidates privately to ask if they are willing to run for the board. This should not be done during a game where it is possible to be overheard.

7.      The Nominating Committee should choose candidates who, if possible, have demonstrated a desire to help the club or who have a background that gives them some particular expertise in serving on the board.

8.      If the Nominating Committee has more candidates than slots to fill, a vote should be taken by the committee to reduce the number of candidates to the appropriate number.

9.      The Nominating Committee should present its slate to the Board for approval at the August board meeting.

10.  The slate of candidates will be profiled in the September issue of the newsletter.

11.  The election, according to the by-laws, will be held by September 15 at the Annual Meeting.

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