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Below are the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting.  Each set of minutes is subject to the next month's Board approval.



TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17,2013 @ 10:00 am

Meeting called to order by President Tom Hebron at 10:00 am.

Members in attendance: Tom Hebron, Karen Drain, Maureen Trubac, Sally Frame, Mary Adams, Bill Searcy, Tim Carl, Tricia Killeen, and JoEllen DePaepe

Minutes of the November approved with minor clerical errors.

Treasurers Report: Tom Hebron in Vic Papoi absence

1. Working capital-$11,180.76 plus $529 to be deposited.

2. Paul Silverman gave a financial presentation with handouts. Our Income and Expenses are summarized as follows:


Table Fees $74,880

Membership Dues@180 2,160

Soda Pop Income 672

Contributions/Donations 2,222

Other Income 1,140

Gross Income $81,074

Less Free Plays 7,980

Net Deposits $73,094

Expenses except Rent 65,853

Current Rent/year 17,784

3. Bill Searcy said that Indianapolis is charging $8 table fees. Our financial situation is marginal and we have to make some changes to be fluid. The board is looking into a number of items. Our lease is coming up in May.

Directors Issues: Bill Searcy

The directors are doing a good job seating the group. Slow play procedure is posted. If you are 2 minutes late getting to the next round a late play may be called. 1st time will result in a reminder, 2nd time will result in a 1/4 board penalty. No other issues were present.

Nominating Committee Discussion

It was decided as a compromise that when new board members are nominated there should be 2 more candidates than the number of openings. This will be put to a vote of the membership since it is an amendment to the By-laws. Tim Carl came up with the compromise of the item proposed by Tricia Killeen at the last board meeting. A vote by the board will be on January 7th and the 21st before putting it to the membership.

Facebook: JoEllen DePaepe

JoEllen passed out information on what was involved in doing this. ACBL was interested in doing this.


Sally Frame looked into advertising our club in Boom and Sassy, local magazines. We could advertise in the event portion. Also they could run an article on the Bridge Club which would be free. We are looking at February/March or May/June issue when retirees come back north. The cost for advertising would be around $50.

We will also look into advertising on the Town and Country Shopping Center Marque.

Minutes and classes will be posted on the website. New class announcements were made and a handout was made available to pass out for our friends who might be interested.


After getting input from the membership it was decided to cancel the 3rd Thursday Pro-Am since it was unpopular the way it was proposed. Mary Adams gave input from 299 ers.

Club Manager Report

1. The holiday party had 13 tables and we deposited $120 after the event. Elaine DeLaney was given flowers as thanks for her extra efforts in recruiting new members.

2. Numerous complaints continue to come in about the temperature of the room. The key to the lock box needs to be kept on site so adjustments can be made. Tricia will keep a log of complaints so we can monitor.

3. We received approval from ACBL for an ad, and it will run in the Jan., Feb., and March issues of Senior Life. Tricia contracted for a 3 month period, and Barb VanGoey has sent a "tear off sheet" of the ad so it can be submitted to ACBL for approval. The ads will cost $91.40/month and ACBL will reimburse us for 75% of the cost.

4. Tricia cross-checked our membership list with ACBL and found Bob Currey, Midge Noel and Pat Short are not ACBL members. She will notify them that they must inform their partners they are not eligible for points at the club when we are holding a Membership Game which is in January.

5. Tricia asked Jo Ann Steigmeyer to send out the Explanation of Special Games to all our members who have e-mail, and she will have some extra copies xeroxed for members who don't have e-mail. It turned out to be far too large a document for the newsletter.

6. The minutes of the board meeting are now on a link on the website.

7. StaC week runs from 2/3/14-2/9/14. We will run a 299er section for each day of the week. We will hold the Sat. game at 10 am like we did last time. ACBL subsidizes the entry fee for StaC week.

8. Numerous complaints have been received about one of our members coughing and not covering his/her mouth Several people threatened to leave during the game because of this situation. Tricia will handle.

9. We have emptied the unisex bathroom of the shelf and spare chairs so its handicap accessibility is improved.

10. We are having a hard time picking up all the salt that is tracked in with the winter weather. Our vacuum cleaner is on our last leg so we have decided to invest in a new vacuum. Jo Ellen DePaepe will look into.

Next meetings will be January 7th and 21st at 10:00.

Respectively submitted,
Karen Drain, Secretary

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