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Below are the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting.  Each set of minutes is subject to the next month's Board approval.


Meeting called to order by President Tom Hebron at 10:00 am.

Members in attendance: Tom Hebron, Karen Drain, Maureen Trubac, Sally Frame, Mary Adams, Bill Searcy, Tim Carl, Tricia Killeen, JoEllen DePaepe, and Vic Papoi.

Minutes approved with the following correction: Nominating Committee Discussion-A vote by the
board will be on Jan. 7th and Jan. 21st If approved by the board a vote of the membership will be in <7 days and no more that 21 days after board approval. #7 under Managers report. Change ACBL to Unit 154 subsidizes entry fee for STAC week.

Treasurers Report
Working capitol-$9,580.61 and 2 CD's totaling $10,100.

Club Managers Report
see attached.

Directors issues
Directors have been asked to be proactive in seating the field. They will consult other directors if
present. In the Team game ACBL(tournaments) seats the field by random draw when entering. There
is no ACBL ruling. For 1st round team games it was felt we need to match equal teams.
Bill said sometimes the director demeanor is out of line. Please tell somebody.

The Sectional this year will be at the SB Elks Club on McKinley Ave. Marriott Courtyard at 4825
Main St., Mishawaka will have a special price for out-of-towners attending the tournament.( $99 )The
date will be April 4,5,and 6.

An ad is in Sr. Life."In the Bend" ad is not in the newspaper but is in the online edition which we were
not aware of. It is not costing us anything.

New Business
Bill Searcy made a motion to increase the table fees to $7 starting Feb. 2. This was seconded by Tim  Carl. All board approved.
If you want to buy free plays, order from the director, pay and you will receive them within a week. Free plays are $7 each.
There will be a Pro Am in May, the Thurs. before Memorial Day.
Mentoring is not active now.
There was a discussion on getting new people to play. Cappy had an idea that was discussed.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be Feb. 18th.

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