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Below are the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting.  Each set of minutes is subject to the next month's Board approval.


The meeting was called to order by Tom Hebron.

Members in attendance: Tom Hebron, Tim Carl, Karen Drain, Mary Adams, JoEllen DePaepe and Bill Searcy. Sally Frame listened in by phone since she was out of town.

Minutes were approved no corrections.

Treasurers Report
Working balance $9,486 with all bills paid and 2 CD's totaling $10,100. Motion to accept the treasurers report by Tim Carl and seconded by Bill Searcy subject to audit. Passed. Vic presented the end of year financial report.

Directors Report
All directors are working together to seat correctly. There are no demeanor issues. Frank Yoder is having trouble with his hands and has trouble getting bid cards out of the bidding box. He does not have any problem making decisions in a timely manner. The directors will observe him for a month to see if they can help Frank to speed up play. Many times there is a 1/2 table in 299's and a 1/2 table in the open section. To help avoid sitouts, directors like to have whole tables. If the director can move a 299 pair to the open section or visa versa they will give the pair that moved free plays for the day.

Old Business
With the resignation of Tricia Killen as club manager and board member we have 2 positions to fill. The club manager position job description will be posted. Tom Hebron will ask the membership for any volunteers for either position. Possible board members were discussed.

Elaine Delaney and Trisha Killeen will work together on the up coming beginner lessons that were scheduled in March.

Discussion on the raising of table fees. The board had talked about raising fees for 2 years or more. Last year they voted on raising table fees to to $6 and $7 the following year. The motion did not pass. Now it is next year and the board passed the raise to $7. The money in the treasury has been supplemented by $4400 donations last year. We can not count on this. Our entry fees lost $3000-$4000 last year. Also putting on a sectional requires a lot of work and if we do not get volunteers we may not have them and then we wouldn't have that extra income. All this was taken into consideration when we decided to raise the fees. We were asked for the figures on utilities if we moved to Shirks. Present location Shirks Electric, Sewer, Water $3640 $ 3700 Gas $1352 $1644 There was a motion by Tim Carl and seconded by Karen Drain to do a 5 year lease, stay at our present location and have a $6 entry fee. This did not pass. It was by a vote of 3/3. Then there was a motion to sign a 5 yr lease, stay at our present location and have a table fee of $7. This passed by a vote of 4/2.

New business
We looked at the vouchers to be printed for free plays. We will make them double the size so they won't get lost as easily and they will say $7 only to be used for regular $7 games. Special games will have to be the fee of the game in cash.

Next months meeting will be March 18th.

Respectively submitted by
Karen Drain, Secretary

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