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Below are the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting.  Each set of minutes is subject to the next month's Board approval.

TUESDAY MARCH 18, 2014 10 AM

The meeting was called to order by Tom Hebron, President.

Members in attendance: Maureen Trubac, Tom Hebron, JoEllen DePaepe, Sally Frame, Mary Adams, Tim Carl, Karen Drain, Vic Papoi and Bill Searcy.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved with no corrections.

Treasurers Report
$10,797 in the checking account
$10,100 in 2 CD's
513 prepaid vouchers distributed this month
$929.75($7 table fee)

It was decided to hold up on the ads in Sassy. Sally Frame has offered to manage advertising. She is
working on reimbursement from ACBL for advertising.

It was felt that we had to develop a plan for students to progress after initial lessons in order to retain them. Maureen suggested that after the first group of lessons they could sign up for a Friday afternoon of playing and have a director or senior player available to answer questions.

Bill said people were a creature of habit and if they want to play on a certain day we should accommodate them.
We brainstormed on how to maintain new players.
Free plays
0-5 MP game
Players fall into a mold and want to continue to play on the day they chose. If they want to play on Friday after their lessons are over they should be encouraged to play.

To increase membership we should advertise more. Very little money has gone into putting our club forward.
We have free information promoting the SBBC currently in the Niles Sr. paper, In the on-line) not in the SBTribune insert and distributed to the Newcomers group.
Additional Possibilities:
Chamber of Commerce welcome packages
Information packages from realtors
Gordy Young's PBS program Experience Michiana

Currently Elaine Delaney has had 2 Friday sessions: The first session had 25 people and the second session had 21 people. The charge is $5 per person.
John and Tricia Killeen have canceled their classes.

New Business
Barbara Fedder was nominated by Bill Searcy and seconded by JoEllen DePaepe to complete the term of Tricia Killeen on the board. All of the board were in favor.
Further discussion on the table fee. Should we charge $6? The decision was to wait on this issue.

Directors Report:
ACBL will be revising Rules of Bridge.(the book the directors consult). This will take 1 1/2 years.
We can't afford to have anyone be rude. This is the message to directors.
Directors are working with Frank Yoder to ease use of the bidding box. They are trying to have Frank bid out loud and have the person on his right put the correct bid from his box on the table.
We have had several people teaching their partners during the game at the table. This needs to stop. This slows play and is often loud. Directors will address this.

The next Pro-Am game will be the last Thursday in May.
Saturday May 3rd will be the Recognition Luncheon.
We are giving free plays for the Sectional.
March 24th and 31st
299's and Open N/S and E/W winners(first place)
If there is a Howell movement in the 299's game 1st and 2nd will receive free play.

ACBL wide game-some players complained of the makeup of the boards.

Respectively submitted,
Karen Drain, Secretary

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