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Below are the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting.  Each set of minutes is subject to the next month's Board approval.

TUESDAY MAY 20, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Maureen Trubac, Vice-President.

Members present were Karen Drain, Vic Papoi, Tim Carl, Bill Searcy, Barbara Fedder. Mary Adams, JoEllen DePaepe and Maureen Trubac. A quorum was present.

Minutes were approved.

Treasurers Report

The checking account has a balance of $13,586. Recognition day cost $450. Profit last month was $904.05.
Maureen would like to see a comparison on table cost last summer to this year. Last years average was about 300 tables/month. So far this month we are at 199 tables. JoEllen distributed a list of prepaid
vouchers bought for each month this year and a year to date number of 417. January's vouchers were sold at $5. All others were at the $7. Tim Carl wanted to bring up the issue of table fees again next month and discuss how vouchers are accounted for. Tim Carl will be the cosigner for our checking account. Vic will investigate getting a SBBC credit card. It was felt that we needed backups for and certain duties that are vital to the clubs operation.

Directors Issues- Bill Searcy
Due to illnesses of directors(Tom Hebron and Paul Silberman) we are short of directors. Dennis David will now work the Fridays game. Hugh Metzger volunteered to help if needed. Bud Hinkley will be directing 1-2 days a month. This is in addition to the regular directors. In reply to a question on who sets directors fees, Bill Searcy said the fees are set by the board.

New Business
Bill Searcy discussed the temperature setting issue. Directors now have access to a key to the thermostat to adjust the temperature if needed.

Locks on the restrooms are not functioning correctly. Tom Hebron will be asked look into.

Marian David and Maureen Trubac will be learning the monthly report as backup to the Club Manager. Tricia will do the calendar and monthly report with Maureen and Marian up to September. This was moved by Bill Searcy. Vote to accept was unanimous.

Elaine Delaney was appreciated for doing the monthly report when Tom Hebron and Paul Silberman were not available due to illness.

Lessons-We tabled the issue of new beginner lessons for the present.
The Thursday night 599 game with lesson by Elaine Delaney was canceled for lack of participation. We will still have the 4th Thursday Swiss game for 599 ers. We will look into having a Swiss on the 2nd Thursday night of the month also. It was felt this would be more popular. We are tabling the discussion of college student lessons and games.

The fall SBBC Sectional will be on August 1,2, and 3. We are having a hard time securing a location. So far we are looking at a location in Elkhart. Bill Searcy asked the board for suggestions on locations that would be closer to South Bend.. He told the board the parameters of a location needed.

Bill Searcy mentioned that he has been nominated to run for president of our Unit for a 2 year term.

It was decided to not charge the extra dollar per person for the International Fund ACBL Game. The extra dollar will be absorbed by the unit.

Bill Searcy talked To Steve Bibler about possibly writing an article on the bridge club for the Tribune. He said he was unable to do this at the moment. Bill asked the board if anyone knew a contact at the SB Tribune that could help us out. So far nobody knew anyone.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Drain, Secretary

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