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January 19, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Tim Carl, President

Present: Barbara Fedder, Mary Adams, Bob Knoblock, MaureenTrubac, Tricia Killeen, Karen Drain, JoEllen DePaepe, Vic Papai

Secretary's Report - Maureen Trubac. No additions or corrections. Approved:
Bob Knoblock, seconded, Karen Drain.

Treasurer's Report - Vic Papai (attached)
Checking Account: $ 5,214.00
CD's: 6,314.00
Number of tables 2015: 3447.5 (2014: 3463.5)
Number of tables December: 259.5
Approved: Barbara Fedder, seconded, Mary Adams

Manager's Report: - Tricia Killeen
* The Board unanimously approved " BRIDGE CLUB WILL BE CLOSED" when a severe weather warning has been issued and people are being told to stay off the roads. If you are unsure of the closure, please call a director or the club president to affirm. Also, it is very important that the hostess for the day be notified.
* Christine Barker has been supplying the club with get well, thinking of you , congratulation and sympathy cards,to be sent to our members and their families, for the past few years. Chris has also assumed the responsibilty of sending these messages on, with warm wishes from our members. The Board agreed to issue two free plays a month to Chris to show our appreciation.
* The Board Policy Book is available on the web site. Changes will be made occasionally and will be on the site for your viewing. John Nicbolls has been doing our web page without charging the club a fee for service. In appreciation the Board approved a $200 gift card as a token of our appreciation.

Directors Report - Tricia Killeen
* The noise level during game play is still a problem.
* Cell phones MUST be turned off during play. If you are expecting an emergency call please make the director aware so no penalty is issued.

President's Report
* Repairing the leak in the ceiling is on hold due to inclement weather.
* The Board is still trying to solve the lack of warm air from the vent on the B side. Please be patient.

Respectfully submitted:
Maureen Trubac
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