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South Bend Bridge Club
Board Meeting 10 AM
February 16, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Tim Carl, President

Present: Tim Carl, Barbara Fedder, Mary Adams, Tricia Killeen, Karen Drain, JoEllen DePaepe Vic Papai, Joan Tobler

SECRECTAR’S REPORT - Maureen Trubac, No additions or corrections.  Approved by Joan Tobler.  Seconded by Barb Fedder


Checking Account - $4,875
CD’s - $6,354.00, $4,189   Totaling $10,543.00
Number of Tables: 253
Approved by: Karen Drain. Seconded by Joan Tobler

MANAGER’S REPORT – Tricia Killeen

SBBC will begin a new round of advertising with South Bend Tribune from March through August. The ads in 2015 ran from July through December, generated eight(8) responses and two(2) of the eight(8) have been attending beginning lessons.  ACBL refunds 75% of advertising costs (up to $750) through the Cooperative Advertising Program.

Free Plays for Joan Tobler will increase to eight(8) in recognition of her work done in the areas of Special Events Chairperson and  the Disciplinary Chairperson. This change will be reflected in the policy book.

A Wednesday in May will be designated in honor of our Golder Age Masters.  These honorees’ have reached the age of 70 with over 300 master points and are NOT Life Masters. 

Our Pro Am game will be scheduled for May, generally the Thursday evening before the Memorial Day Weekend.

Tom Hebron is currently cleaning our dealing machine.



Tim requested seven(7) additional wood topped tables from Tom Hebron.

Tricia will schedule an appointment with Todd of Four Winds to work on our air movement problem.

We will continue with the Commongame. 

The unisex bathroom painting is complete.

Tom Hebrons’s work improving the bathrooms with shelves and handicap-accessible accessories is appreciated.


The noise level between rounds continues to be an issue.  Members are encouraged to call a director to quiet the crowd if it is interfering with their play.  Quarter board penalties to offenders is being considered if the problem persists.


The question of using paper plates vs Styrofoam plates was asked by a member.  Concern over seepage on our tables from paper plates was raised.  Suggestion of using coffee filters was offered.  A cost analysis should be looked into.

Tim Carl brought up the need to amend the by-laws which presently do not cover the issue of board members needing to be physically present at the meetings and to limit the number of absences a board member can have.  Tricia Killeen reminded the Board that amending the by-laws is a three(3) step process: 1).Discussing the issue at the meeting. 2).Voting on the issue at the subsequent month’s meeting and 3).Calling for a special meeting of the membership to vote on the proposed change to the by-laws. The Board discussed both of these issues and agreed to vote on them in March.

Motion to adjourn made by Mary Adams and seconded by Barbara Fedder

Respectfully submitted,

JoEllen DePaepe

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