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MARCH 15,  2016

Meeting was called to order by Tim Carl, President

Present:  Barbara Fedder,  Mary Adams, MaureenTrubac, Tricia Killeen, Karen Drain, JoEllen DePaepe, Joan Tobler 

Secretary’s Report - JoEllen DePaepe 
             No additions or corrections.  Approved: Karen Drain, seconded, Joan Tobler

Treasurer’s Report - Vic Papai (attached)

              February -               $    -85.00
             Checking Account:  $ 6,975.00
              CD’s:                         6,354.00

Number of tables 2016 - 510  
Number of tables February - 257

Approved:  Maureen Trubac, seconded, Barbara Fedder

Manager’s Report: - Tricia Killeen (attached)

Member’s Concerns:

Monitor problem has been solved.

We are considering an annual audit. Mary Adams is following up on this.

Member suggestion that Directors collect game fee and assign tables was brought to the Board’s attention.

Director’s Report - none

President’s Report 

Tim Carl was informed by Bud Hinckley, due to work commitments he can no longer continue as a board member. His resignation has been accepted. Bud will remain as head of the Directors.

An interim board member will be chosen by the Board to fill this vacancy. The term will be for approximately 6 months.

Barbara Fedder is looking into the cost to rent tables for the sectional.

Carpet will be cleaned and repaired on April 2nd.

In team games you can change positioning. N/S can become an E/W and an E/W to N/S.

 New Business -

Nominating Committee:  Marian David, Joan Tobler and John Killeen (chairman)

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