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South Bend Bridge Club
Special Membership Meeting
April 11, 2016 - 3 p.m. 

President Tim Carl opened the meeting to the membership and presented the amendments to the Bylaws.



5.3.1.   If a board member misses three consecutive meetings or one-third of the meetings in a year HE/SHE will no longer be considered a member of the board, unless there are extraordinary circumstances which will be determined by the Board of Directors.



5.6.5   Participation by electronic means in board meetings is not permitted.


Prior to the meeting it was suggested the second proposed version to the Bylaws be reworded and not voted on at this time.


*  John Hamilton:  Questioned why there should  not be electronic voting?  This would prevent losing a valued Board member.

*  We currently lost one of our Board members not due to failure to attend meetings, but Bud Hinckley resigned due to conflicts with his work schedule. He continues as a valued Director.

 *  Bob Knoblock:  In response to John Hamilton Bob questioned, how can a board member get involved  if not at a meeting?

 *  Conrad Adams:  Does not support voting electronically.

 *  Merrill Crull:  How many meetings are there a year.  Response:  Each month on the third Tuesday.

 *  Connie Hebron:  felt that  “snow birds” should be considered  for members of the Board.  Response: we currently do not choose members who will be away for three monhs or longer.

 Bill Searcy:  The Unit and Fort Wayne have the same or similar amendment in their Bylaws.

 Marian David moved to accept the amendment.  Seconded  by Richard Scheibelhut. Motion carried.

Majority approved.

 Move to adjourn, Tricia Killeen, seconded by John Killeen

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