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JUNE 21, 2016 

Meeting called to order by Tim Carl, President

Present:  Karen Drain, Joan Tobler, Barbara Fedder, Tricia Killeen , Mary Adams, Ted Mullett Vic Papai, Bob Knoblock, Maureen Trubac.

Secretary’s Report:  Maureen Trubac, change date to the 17th.  Moved:  Mary Adams, approved: Barbara                                Fedder.

 Treasurer”s Report:  Vic Papai (attached)
May:  $289.97
Checking Acct.: $3,631.00
CD’s:  $6,354.00
No. of tables to date: 1,342.5
No. of tables May:  304
Avg. no. of tables:  8-1/4

Ted Mullett is continuing with our audit report.  He is also working with Vic to improve some of the items on the Balance Sheet.  These are very minor and may not involve purchasing the Quicken program.  There are other programs that would serve the purpose and be less costly.
Moved:  Joan Tobler, approved:  Mary Adams.

Manager’s Report:  Tricia Killeen (attached)
*  There will be no longer be fees collected at the door.  We are reverting to paying at our table. Director’s will be responsible for seating.
*  Tricia will remain as Club Manager and is reducing the number of her previous responsibilites. Tricia was covering 33 items that dealt with the running to the Club.  She has chosen to continue to do 13 time consuming items and the Board is deligating the others amongst Board Members and members willing to come forward where help is needed.
*  The above changes will be effective July 1, 2016.
*  John Hamilton was elected to represent Unit 154.  This is a two year term.
*  Currently, Tricia’s class is extremely interested in learning Duplicate Bridge.  We hope this continues and ask that you encourage your friends, neighbors and family to join in a rewarding experience.

director’s Report
*  If a director has a complaint or concern it should be given to the Head Director.
*  There are people who choose a table to sit at which is not in their category A-C. If you need a specific seating arrangement please see the director. There are special games that will sometime require you to play in a higher ranking and you will be advised where to sit. NAP games over 2500 points are A’s.
*  There will be a 1/4 board penalty for rude and negative comments about seating.

President’s Report:  Tim Carl
*  The Board agreed to grant a $100/mo. payment to Tricia and free plays as Club Manager. This is $200 less than her previous payments.
*   Please be advised that all complaints will now be dealt by me. My telephone number is listed on the member’s telephoone list.
*   Investigate the cost of Sunday games since January 1st, other than team games.
*   Review the distribution of free plays.
*   Effective July 1, 2016 $1.00 will be added to special game fees. Free plays must also add $1.
*   It has been suggested having a book sale at the Bridge Center on a future Monday-Wednesday to raise money for the SBBC. Barbara Fedder and Mary Adams will be in charge and they will let you know where to drop off the books you are willing to donate for this sale.
*   Table 11 has been moved out of the “cold zone” until the A/C can be adjusted.
*   The Club will make every effort fo accomodate those with physical needs. 

Motion to adjourn:  Joan Tobler, all in favor.

 Respectfully submitted,
Maureen Trubac, Secretary.

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