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July 19, 2016


Meeting called to order by Tim Carl, President

Present:  Karen Drain, Joan Tobler, Barbara Fedder, Tricia Killeen, Mary Adams, Ted Mullett
       Vic Papai, Bob Knoblock, Maureen Trubac, JoEllen DePaepe, 


Secretary’s Report:  Maureen Trubac: to be amended. 

Moved:  Mary Adams, approved:  Barbara Fedder


Treasurer’s Report:  Vic Papai  (attached)

June: $332.65
Checking Acct.:  $4,748.00
CD’s:  $6,354.00

No. of  Tables to date: 1,614.5
No. of  Tables June:  272

Approved: Ted Mullett, seconded  Joan Tobler


Manager’s Report:  Tricia Killeen (attached)

*  A motion was made by Joan Tobler to amend the SBBC Policy Book regarding the use of cell phones during game play. Beginning August 1, 2016 all cell phones must be shut off once play commences. If not, you will incur a penalty
   Seconded:  Bob Knoblock.  Motion to pass:   All in favor.

*  Permission from the Director is required if  you are expecting an emergency call. Otherwise you can arrange to have non-emergency calls directed to the Bridge Center and not your cell phone.


Director’s Report:  Bob Knoblock

*  Some members have complaints after play.  Any issue should be addressed at the time by calling for the Director. This allows both sides to hear how a problem can be resolved.


Ted Mullett Report

*  Report to Board on audit progress and other financial matters.  (Attached)

*  Made a study of the Sunday games. Indicators show they are making money and not to be dropped.

*  The SBBC is not profiting from the raising of fees for special ACBL games.  These are fees that are returned to the ACBL for the benefit of our members being able to gain more master points.  

*   It is necessary to review the free play policy.  An ad hoc committee headed by Barbara Fedder with Ted Mullett, Vic Papai and Joan Tobler will report back to the Board their findings and recommendations regarding laudable compensation for services rendered.


Nominating Committee Report
Committee:  Chairman:  Lee Boser
                    Joan Tobler
                   Marian David

Slate:    Ted Mullett - 3 year term
             Gini Stipp -  3 year term
              Lena Howard - 3 year term
              Margaret Lewis - 1 year term

Other nominations will be taken from the floor.
Voting will take place on September 12, 2016 at the SBBC annual meeting.


President’s Report

*  The air conditioning ducts will be repaired on Friday, July 22nd.  There will be no game.

*   I had the opportunity to play bridge at the St. Joseph, MI bridge club. They have a very nice custom of welcoming newcomers and introducing themselves at each table. 

*    It should be noted that Tricia has 8 very enthusiastic players in her beginning lessons. Good job Tricia!


Old Business

*  There will be no book fair.


Respectfully submitted: 
Maureen Trubac Secretary

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