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August 16, 2016

Meeting called to order by Tim Carl, President

Present:  Bob Knoblock, Ted Mullett, Vic Papai, Tricia Killeen, Joan Tobler, Mary Adams, Barbara Fedder, Maureen Trubac

 Secretary’s Report:  Maureen Trubac. Approved: Ted Mullett, seconded: Joan Tobler.


Treasurer’s Report:  Vic Papai (attached)

July:  $322.21
Checking account: $ 4,048.00
CDs:  $6,364.00

No. of Tables July:  259
No. of Tables to date:  1,873.5

Approved:  Maureen Trubac, seconded: Joan Tobler 


Manager’s Report:  Tricia Killeen (attached)

*  Our table count is much lower, particularly on the 399’s side. We must seek their input regarding suggestions for increasing table count. Can they give us reasons as to the lower attendance? Why are they no longer participating in team games?

*  For smaller games it has been suggested that there be playing directors and they not be paid. This would be decided by scheduled director prior to game. There are times when a director, in larger games,will fill a table if a player does not show up or leaves because of illness. The director’s fee, in this situation, would not be affected.

 Director’s Report:  Bob Knoblock

*  There are still times no action is taken to lower the level of noise during games.  This will be followed up at the next director’s meeting.

 Barbara Fedder’s report on free plays (attached) 


There was an open discussion amongst the Board asking for suggestions on how to increase the Clubs income. The most logical suggestion was to have a donation box  placed on the hostess table for anyone who wished to contribute.


Old Business

*  A discussion on the use of cell phones during games. It was agreed upon that there be no texting allowed during games.  Calls can be made outside the building.  There was a motion made by Bob Knoblock and seconded by Marry Adams, all in favor that this be included in the SBBC Policy Book.


Respectfully submitted,

 Maureen Trubac, Secretary 

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