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South Bend Bridge Club
Special Board Meeting, 4:30
October 4, 2016

President Tim Carl called this special board meeting as directed by the by-laws for the sole purpose of electing officers for the following year.

Present: Tim Carl, Joan Tobler, Barbara Fedder, Lena Howard, Gini Stipp, Mary Adams, Ted Mullett, Margaret Lewis and Tricia Killeen.

President  - Tim Carl

Nominated by Joan Tobler, Seconded by Barb Fedder

Vice President –Barbara Fedder

 Nominated by Joan Tobler , Seconded by Lena Howard

Secretary – Margaret Lewis

Nominated by Gini Stipp , Seconded by Mary Adams

All nominations were elected by unanimous votes.

Tricia mentioned the need for a publicity chair.

Fundraising ideas will be discussed at the next meeting.

Regular October meeting will be held on October 18 at 10:00


Submitted by,

Margaret Lewis, Secretary

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