December 2017 Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by Vice President Barbara Fedder.



Board Members: Gini Stipp, Bob Knoblock, Barb Fedder, Leslie Garvey, Bill Searcy, Ted Mullett, Marty Martin, Margaret Lewis and Club Manager Tricia Killeen.


Secretary’s Report

The minutes were corrected to state that Bob Knoblock will be compensated $30 a week for making all of the game boards.

A motion to approve the minutes with the necessary correction was made by Gini Stipp and seconded by Marty Martin. Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report – Ted Mullett

Account balance $9,548  – cash $10,000 CD

It was moved by Bob Knoblock and seconded by Gini Stipp that the report be accepted. Motion passed.


Manager’s Report – Tricia Killeen

Current membership is 109. Forty five letters were mailed to members who have not renewed.

The board voted to give Chris Papai a $75 bonus.

The cracked heat exchanger will require major work.

 STAC week will be the week of February 5-11. Team games will not be a part of STAC.

January 3 through January 23 the manager will be out of town and Joan Tobler will substitute for Tricia.


Old Business

There will be a vote during the January board meeting on the proposed changes to the bylaws. If the board votes to reduce the number of board members by 2, (5.1) a process will need to be in place on how to cycle members off the board.

After reviewing the free play policy, a motion was made by Marty Martin and seconded by Leslie Garvey that the President will get unlimited free plays.


New Business – None


Directors’ Report – Bill Searcy

  1. Convention Card – Each partnership must have identical convention cards. There is no procedural penalty. The partnership will have until the end of the round to correct the problem.
  2. Slow play – directors will continue to monitor this concern.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00.

The next meeting will be January 16th at 10AM.


Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret Lewis

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