February 2017 Manager’s Report

At present we have 163 members.

1. The 149er game has been drawing 3.5-4 tables each week. Elaine DeLaney will pay the club $20 for a 4 table game, $15 for 3.5, and $10 for a 3 table game.
2. The Thursday Newcomer Game is drawing 3-4 tables/week. This game contributed $909 to SBBC in table fees in 2016. The Newcomer Game incurred $88 in ACBL fees.
3. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler plan to resume their Monday lessons in March.

1. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score, and solving members’ masterpoint issues have been performed.
2. Tony Greene has been advising us on various policy issues. He is the ACBL’s Tournament Operations Specialist, has been a director for 5 years and at ACBL headquarters for 4 years. Tony says the club has full discretion to deal with slow play and extremely light pre-empts.
3. StaC, Ace of Clubs, and Mini-Kenney results have been posted on the bulletin boards.
4. Ben Paulson is taking over as Webmaster. He and John Nichols are in the midst of the transition. A thank you gift card to Amazon for $100 has been sent to John. Vic Papai has been instructed to pay Ben $50/month as of 2/1/17.
5. We need someone to coordinate setting up a Facebook Business page. The ACBL CAP advertising will subsidize this project. Materials have come from ACBL on how to design the ad.

Recognition Program and Trophy Wall
1. Saturday, June 24 is the date for the Recognition Program. Honorees and the Board have been notified.
2. The updated Farner trophy is on the wall, and Elaine DeLaney and Dick Hastings will be featured in the March Newsletter.
3. We have 4 new Golden Age Masters (over age 70 and over 300 master points’ over age 80 with over 100 master points) to honor. Do we wish to honor them at
the Recognition Program or designate a Wednesday in May with an upgraded club championship (as we did last year?

Member’s Concerns
1. Chayem Ben Moshe would like to donate his library of 1000 books to the club. He proposes having a book sale with the proceeds benefiting the club.
2. Chayem Ben Moshe would like to present a free seminar on a Saturday at the club. His topic would be “Opening and Responding to a 2 Club Bid.”
3. Several possible alternative formats to the Sunday Swiss Team game were proposed on February 5. The suggestions included a Pro-Am, handicapped, bracketed, or “8 is Enough” style of game.
4. Numerous complaints were received about the game format used on 2/13/17 which involved a final round arrow switch. 6 N/S pairs wound up scratching and only 2 E/W did. Since it was a regular game, why was it necessary to have a 1 winner movement.

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