February 2018 Manager’s Report


At present we have 151 members.


  1. The Monday lessons given by Jo Ann Steigmeyer are ongoing. Bill Searcy was the guest speaker on February 12.
  2. The Newcomer Game resumed February 1 after a month’s break.
  3. The Friday afternoon 149er Game is ongoing.


  1. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score, and solving members’ masterpoint issues have been performed.
  2. We had 42.5 tables during StaC week, and Sara Marcus donated $100 towards the table fees.
  3. StaC, Ace of Clubs, and Mini-Kenney results have been posted on the bulletin boards.
  4. There will be a special membership meeting to discuss changes to the by-laws on Monday, February 26 at 3 pm. Notices have been sent out to the membership.
  5. March and April calendars have been distributed.
  6. The Carpet Shop presented 2 estimates: $4897.52 for carpeting and $6989.99 for carpet tiles. Ted Mullett negotiated with John Becker who agreed to add $1000.00 to his original offer if we purchase the carpet tiles. Installation will take 2 days, and we will have to close on a Friday so the work will be done.

Recognition Program and Trophy Wall

  1. Saturday, April 21 is the date for the Recognition Program. Honorees have been notified.
  2. The updated Farner trophy is on the wall, and Elaine DeLaney and Chris Habegger were featured in the February Newsletter. Thank you emails were sent to the Farner children.
  3. The Trophy Wall updates are being made.

Member’s Concerns

  1. Do the 399ers use the refreshment table enough? Should we re-arrange the room so it is easier for them to do so?
  2. Do we wish to publish the members’ names (no phone numbers or email addresses) in the Directory section of the website?
  3. Several members have suggested holding only 1 Tuesday team game each month.


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