For New Bridge Players

The South Bend Bridge Club (SBBC) invites you to join us in the highly competitive but very rewarding world of duplicate bridge. Duplicate bridge is a form of bridge where pairs of players compete against other pairs by playing the same hands. The Club is owned by its nearly 180 members who pay a yearly membership fee of $12.00. In 2016 the SBBC hosted 3,136 tables of duplicate bridge.

It is strongly recommended that you start your SBBC bridge experience by taking one of the classes. If you have never played before, or it has been many years since you last played bridge, you will need to know all the modern bidding systems. Visit the classes section of this webpage to view the beginning classes calendar and other class offerings. If you are not sure where to start, talk with Tricia Killeen, our club manager, and she will help you assess your level of current knowledge.

One of the great advantages of classes is meeting other new members who might become playing partners. A good partnership is an important key to happy and successful bridge playing.

Two other noteworthy areas to explore on the Home Page are the tabs titled Calendar and Game Results tab. The Calendar will give you an idea of the weekly games available. Open Games are for people of all skill levels. Limited games (99ers, 299ers & 599ers) are for newer players.

The Game Results tab above will show the hands played and the results of recent games. You can get a sense of the various games by looking at some of the results. Our electronic scoring and internet-posting of the results are wonder­ful benefits of playing bridge at the SBBC.

Please do not hesitate to call the club at (574) 255-6613 and speak with Tricia or one of our directors for more information.