January 2018 Manager’s Report


At present we have 138 members (176 was the 2017 total).


  1. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score have been performed. Non-renewed members have been purged from the database.
  2. The annual updating of the membership in ACBLScore will be done in February.
  3. The 2018 phone and e-mail directories will be ready for publication in February or March.
  4. The February, 2018 StaC games will be held from February 5-11. Tuesday and Sunday (the 6th and 11th will be team games, not Stac games).
  5. The Farner trophy will be engraved with the appropriate names and thanks sent to the Farner family.
  6. The Special Games At The Bridge Center in 2018 Handout has been revised and distributed.
  7. The St. Joe Club uses their Holiday Party to raise funds for the Salvation Army. They raised $7,700 from members’ contributions which were matched by another member.
  8. It will not be possible to start a Tuesday evening game in 2018 as previously hoped. We were unable get commitments from enough people.

Recognition Program and Trophy Wall

  1. We have 8 honorees: Marian David, Lee Boser, and Tricia Killeen: sapphire life masters’ Tim Carl: silver; Ruth Minish and Chris Habegger: ruby; Bob Knoblock and Jill Culby: bronze
  2. Work on the trophy Wall has begun.

Our Games

  1. The Holiday Party had 15 tables: 10 in the open section and 5 in the 399er. Net income was $382.37.This figure reflects $44 paid entry fees, 52 paid lunches, $89.00 raffle proceeds, $378.63 food expenses. It does not include director fee, ACBL table fee, utilities etc.


  1. Jo Ann Steigmeyer has completed her mentorship of Dave Barkmeier and received her 8 free plays.
  2. The Newcomer Game will resume in February, 2018.
  3. Jo Ann Steigmeyer’s Monday lessons and Elaine DeLaney’s Friday 149er game resume on 1/8 and 1/5 respectively.
  4. The Newcomer Game met 46 times in 2017 and had 182 tables. 59 Beginning Lessons were given in 14 sessions. $1650 was donated to the club. A total of 14 evening lessons on Mondays and Tuesdays were given to a group of ND professors as well. Special thanks go to Joan Tobler, Tom Hallum, Connie & Tom Hebron. Honorable mention goes to Bill Searcy, Bob Knoblock, and Bud Hinckley.

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