May 2017 Manager’s Report

1. We have 166 members. Dan Barnhart and Penny Krug are the newest to join.

1. The Newcomer Game offered by Tricia Killeen is ongoing and is attracting 3-4 tables/week. A new set of beginning lessons with 4 students started on 5/11/17.
2. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler continue to provide lessons on Monday mornings
3. Elaine DeLaney changed the format of her Wednesday lessons so that they will be geared to newer players.
4. The Friday 149er game has been drawing 2-3 tables/week.

1. The July and August calendars are ready for publication.
2. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score, reporting 70% games, and solving members’ master point issues have been performed.
3. Monday, September 11, 2017 will be date of the Annual Meeting.
4. A list of registered voters from SBBC has been posted on the bulletin board and submitted to Unit 154. Since no one was willing to run for election to the Unit 154 Board, we will not hold an election in June. Kim Grant informed us that Lynn Miller will be appointed to serve a one year term on the board.
5. Our new insurance policy is with Auto-Owners and includes glass coverage.
6. John Becker, the manager (owner) of Town & Country, stopped by to see our carpeting situation. He spoke to Tom Hebron and offered to pay for half the cost of re-carpeting. He brought someone in the carpeting business to give an estimate which came in at $4,897.52

Our Games
1.We honored Joan Fahey and Connie Hebron as Golden Age Masters on May 1, 2017.
2. Rich Mao has offered to pay the table fees for the World Wide Pairs Game in June. There are 2 games this year – Friday evening, June 2 and Saturday afternoon, June 3. The table fee is $13.00/table. Rich has also offered to pick up the table fees for the Instant Matchpoint game in October, and possibly other special ACBL – wide games.

Members’ Concerns
1. I spoke to Patty Taylor at ACBL to verify that our procedure of handling zero tolerance complaints fit their guidelines. I was assured our policy of a private
conversation with the person on the first occasion, a letter of warning from the Disciplinary Committee, and a request by that Committee for disciplinary action to be taken by the Board was suitable procedure to follow.
2. I spoke to Joyce Stone in the Rulings Department at ACBL about the problem that occurred when someone mis-sorted another player’s cards. No rule was broken, and no action to rectify this needed to happen. While the bad result on the board was unfortunate, there was no need to do anything about it.

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