March 2017 Manager’s Report

At present we have 165 members.

1. The Thursday morning Newcomer Game continues to draw 3 tables/week.
2. Jo Ann Steigmeyer and Joan Tobler resumed their Monday morning lessons on 3/13.
3. Elaine DeLaney’s Friday afternoon 149er game has 3-4 tables/week.

1. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score, reporting 70% games, and solving members’ master point issues have been performed.
2. The front door glass broke on 3/8/17, and was replaced the same day. The cost of the repair is still unknown. Our lease requires us to pay for glass damage; our present insurance covers only our contents. Ray Barson, our agent at Holland Insurance, has read our lease to make sure we have adequate coverage in the future for things we are responsible for such as heating, cooling, mechanical issues, plumbing, etc. Our lease requires us to have $150,000 coverage for these items. Ray
wants us to check with John Becker at Town & Country to see if he will grant a waiver for the $150,000 and accept a lower figure.
3. Keys to the indoor foyer door and the back door have been made. To re-key the front door lock and make 25 new keys would cost $150. The last inventory of keys issued was done in 2009.
4. Unit 154 will hold an election in June. SBBC and Warsaw are eligible to fill 1 seat. We are in the process of registering members until May 15.
5. Do we want terrorism coverage on our insurance policy?
6. StaC Week in November, 2016 drew 72 tables; in February, 2017 – 61. ACBL has informed us that as of 4/1/17 StaC fees will be reduced by $1/table.
7. A new cordless vacuum is needed. Tom Hebron has repaired the present one numerous times and recommends a new one. The top rated is a Hoover Linx at $119 with a lithium ion battery.

Members’ Concerns
1. Why are directors playing and directing on the same day? Do we have a shortage of directors?
2. Should we add to the Policy Book that discussions of politics and religion are not appropriate at the Bridge Center?
3. Would the club provide a guaranteed partner as a way to encourage walk-in players?
4. Will we remain at Town & Country past the current lease (we are in year 3 of 5) to justify new carpeting?

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