May 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Mary Adams, Bob Knoblock, Ted Mullett, Barb Fedder, Tim Carl, Gini Stipp, and Margaret Lewis, Board Members

Club Manager Tricia Killeen, Treasuer Vic Papai and Head Director Bill Searcy.

President, Tim Carl, called the meeting to order at 10:00.

Secretary’s Report: A motion made by Ted Mullett and seconded by Gini Stipp that the secretary’s report be accepted. Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Vic Papai: Vic expressed his thanks to Ted Mullett for all his extra hours and help.

Kudos were given to Bob Knoblock for voluntarily not taking the director’s fee at a recent game.

Vic reported that we finished in the black ($524) in April. This is good news since the table count continues to decline while the expenses go up.

The full report is attached and posted.

A motion was made by Gini Stipp and seconded by Bob Knoblock to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion Passed.

Manager’s Report – Tricia Killeen: The annual meeting will be September 11th. The election timetable calls for Tim to appoint a Nominating Committee in June. Coverage of the slate will appear in the August newsletter, and the election will be held on September 11th at the annual meeting.

Members are reminded that all zero tolerance complaints must be in writing.

The complete Manager’s report is attached and posted.

Director’s Report – Bob Knoblock: Bill Searcy suggested that a way to address the concerns of those players with 400 – 699 points would be to run a stratified game as part of the open game. In this design, players play among themselves in their own rank.

A motion was made by Bob Knoblock and seconded by Mary Adams that starting in September the number of Swiss team games be increased. The Swiss
Team games will be the first and third Tuesdays and the second and fourth Sundays. Motion Passed.

Accommodating those players with special needs will take priority over balancing the field.

President’s Report – Tim Carl: Tim encouraged everyone who is able to support the Fort Wayne Sectional.

The board Policy states that board members may not miss more than three connective meetings or more than four meetings in one year. A board member
missing four meetings is officially off the board. It was decided that the board would adhere to this policy.

Therefore, regretfully, Lena Howard is no longer eligible to serve as a board member.

An advertising person is still needed. It would be advantageous if someone would be willing to set up a Facebook page for the club.

Information about schedules and invitations to come and play at the South Bend Bridge club will be sent to area clubs.

Old Business: Bob Knoblock reported on the results of his survey to see if there was any interest in playing in the B if the upper limits were increased. From the 57 surveys he received responses from 10 individuals. Six respondents were in favor of changing the limit to 499, two in favor of having a 699 game on a Tuesday
or a Thursday once a month and two against any change.

Margaret Lewis presented the results of an informal oral survey of the current players on the limited side regarding a change of the limit along with the players’ comments and reasons for their opinions. Of the twenty two respondents, 18 voted no to changing the limit, 2 voted yes and 2 voted that they didn’t care.

The board recommended that no change be made to the current Monday and Wednesday “B” section games. There was a discussion of continued complaints
about the temperature.

New Business – None:

The meeting was adjoined at 11:45.

The next board meeting will be June 20th at 10:00.

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