October 2017 Manager’s Report

Our Membership

  1. Two new members: Raji Sundararajan & Donna Tieman bring us to 177.
  2. We will run our membership drive from November 1-30, 2017.

Our Games

  1. We collected $31 on October 16 to support the District 8 Youth Bridge Camp.


  1. The Monday lessons, Thursday Newcomer, and Friday 149er games are doing well.


  1. The South Bend Tribune has contacted us to see if we wish to place additional advertising in the newspaper.


  1. The usual duties of filing the monthly report with ACBL, updating the bulletin boards and database, and settling members’ master point issues have been done.
  2. We are registered for StaC week October 30-November 5. An anonymous benefactor contributed $150 to help with the $7/table ACBL fee.
  3. Our game sanctions for 2017 are up for renewal. Are any changes needed?
  4. Terminix wants $300 for an extermination procedure. Town & Country recommended Leonard’s Pest Control, but they are too busy to schedule us. Termishield is coming on Tuesday, October 17 to give us an estimate. A call to Aardvark has not been returned.
  5. A new inventory of keys has been prepared. Several have been turned in from people who no longer need one.
  6. We collected 155 signatures for the Unit 154 petition requesting a transfer from District 8 to District 12.
  7. Free Plays: The Policy Book states that the club manager, president, and building & grounds chairperson get free plays. The purchasing agent – 10 + $100 for gas, 33% of pop profits, 100% of water profits. Communications Manager – 8 + ink and paper; special events chairperson – 4; open games partnership chairperson – 4; limited games chairperson – 4; daily hostesses get free plays voucher chairperson – 2; greeting card chairperson – 2; legal adviser – 4

October 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Joan Tobler, Marty Martin, Lesley Garvey, Barb Fedder, Bob Knoblock, Ted Mullett, Bill Searcy, Gini Stipp, Margaret Lewis, Tricia Killeen,club manager and Vic Papai , treasurer.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 by President Joan Tobler.

It was moved by Bill Searcy and seconded by Marty Martin that the Secretary’s report be accepted.

Treasurer’s Report – Vic Papai

Currently the checking account has $8,459.26 and the club has CD’s of approximately $10,600. It was moved by Marty Martin and seconded by Barb Fedder that we accept the treasurer’s report.

Manager’s Report – Tricia Killeen

The greatest need the club has at the current time is for a publicity chair person. Everyone is asked to actively recruit an  efficient and effective person to hold this position.

After a discussion of the pest control situation, it was moved by Bob Knoblock and seconded by Leslie Garvey that we not pursue various pest control options at this time.

Free Play vouchers were discussed. It was asked that board members review the current list and come to the November meeting prepared to discuss this item.

 Director’s Report – Bob Knoblock

A list of players who would be available to play if needed in a substitute situation is posted by the director’s desk. Free plays will be available to those who come in a sub.

Bob recommended that since Bill Searcy, the head director, is now a board member, he should be the person who would give the Directors’ Report at future board meetings.

Items from the Head Director:

  • The new ACBL law books are available now and the club ordered one for each director and two for the club.
  • It is important that we make new players feel welcome at the club. Let anyone making unkind remarks to other players know that it is inappropriate. We need to make sure everyone enjoys playing at the club and has an enjoyable afternoon of bridge and wants to return.
  • Bill proposed changes in the way the directors are currently making the boards. His two suggestions were to increase the per board stipend the directors were currently receiving or have one person make all the boards. Bob Knoblock volunteered to make all the boards for the month of November and report back to the Board. Bill thanked him for his commitment.

President’s Remarks – Joan Tobler

Joan thanked the board for their vote of confidence.

Joan reiterated Bill Searcy’s remarks that it is our goal to be kind to everyone who enters our doors.

Old Business

Ted and Joan met with John Becker on October 16th regarding our lease renewal and his offer to replace our carpet if we renewed the lease. The club would have a a limit of  $4,800 to spend and our rent would increase from $1550 to $1570 in March. The lease would remain at $1570 for three years. John Killeen will look at carpet colors. The lease will be available at the next board meeting.

New Business

It was moved by Gini Stipp and seconded by Barb Fedder that the monthly board meeting time be changed to 10:30.

The next meeting will be November 21st @ 10:30 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret Lewis

September 2017 Manager’s Report

1. No changes

1. Elaine DeLaney has increased the amount she is paying SBBC for the 149er game: $10 for 2.5 tables, $20 for 3, $30 for 4, and $40 for 5. While Elaine is away in September, Tom Hebron has been directing the 149er Game.
2. The Monday lessons and the Thursday Newcomer Game continue to do well.

1. John Becker, the manager of Town & Country Shopping Center, has offered to replace
our carpeting if we extend our lease.
2. All the usual duties have been performed: filing the August ACBL report, updating the database, updating the bulletin boards, reporting 70% games, helping members with master point questions etc.
3. The service award trophy was engraved with Lee Boser’s name. He received a pecan pie, and Tim Carl also presented single roses or candy to Ted Mullett, Joan Tobler, Jo Ann Steigmeyer, Mary Adams, Bill Searcy, Bud Hinckley, and Tricia Killeen.
4. The Annual Report was given to the members on September 11.
5. Leslie Garvey, Marty Martin, and Margaret Lewis won election to three year terms to the Board of Directors. Bill Searcy won election for a two year term.
6. We received a check for $4.58 as our share of a class action settlement in Vitale v. US Gas & Electric. We had no idea we were part of this suit!
7. A list of NAP qualifiers has been submitted to Martha Leary, the District 8 NAP coordinator.
8. We have hired Bridge Club Manager, and Manny Rodrigues is our new webmaster. He charges $19.99/month, and we have sent him a year’s payment. He has been updating many areas of our website.
9. There were major problems getting the August monthly report to ACBL done. A corrupted R file problem was never solved by the ACBL IT Department, and the points had to be manually inputted by Dana Murray at ACBL.
10. Will the Board agree to sanction an evening game?
11. We collected 107 signatures at the club for the Unit 154 Petition. Letters went out to people we haven’t seen at the club. Gary Chaney will be submitting the petitions to ACBL by October 1 for consideration.

Our Games
1. The August 19 Pro-Am had 12 tables. We were awarded a special unit level championship game which paid 85% of sectionally-rated black points to use that afternoon.

Member’s Concerns
1. The 399ers prefer Mitchell movements, and they did not like it when a full table of 399ers were moved on 8/23 to the open section.

September 2017 Board Meeting Minutes


Leslie Garvey, Tim Carl, Marty Martin, Joan Tobler, Gini Stipp, Bob Knobloick, Barb Fedder Mary Adams, Ted Mullett, Bill Searcy, Margaret Lewis  and Club Manager Tricia Killeen.

Secretary’s Report

It was moved by Joan Tobler and seconded by Gini Stipp that the minutes be accepted.

Treasurer’s Report – Ted Mullett

A motion was made by Bob Knoblock and seconded by Joan Tobler to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. The complete report is attached and posted.

Manager’s Report – Tricia Killeen

Tricia reported that the manager of Town and Country Shopping Center has offered to replace our carpeting if we extend our lease. Ted Mullett volunteered to meet with John Becker and review the lease.

A special brief board meeting will be held on October 10th at 12:15 to elect officers.

Extensive discussion was held on the possibility of an evening game beginning in January.

Director’s Report – Bob Knoblock

New rules become effective on September 25th. The stop cards will be removed from the bidding boxes. 

There was a discussion of who should have keys to the Bridge Center. Those authorized to have keys are the directors, manager, president, hostesses and teachers.  All other members who may have keys are asked to turn them in.

A list of available substitutes who live close to the center will be prepared. This will be helpful in the event a player’s partner fails to show up.

Bill Searcy, Head Director, made additional comments about the new rulings:

  • When the stop card comes out of the bidding box, the left hand opponent is still required to pause 8-10 seconds before bidding.
  • There are new rules on bidding out of turn and making an insufficient bid.  The director’s ruling must be accepted.  Several of the new laws give the director the option of adjusting a board.

Players are reminded and encouraged to call the director if there is a problem at the table.

In regards to Dupli – Swiss games for Swiss team play, the directors feel it is not appropriate for our club. It would cost the club an additional $600 per year in director’s fees for the boards to be made.

President’s Report – Tim Carl

He welcomed the new board members and spent a few moments reflecting on his years on the board.

Tricia presented thank you gifts to departing board members, Mary Adams and Tim Carl.

New Business

The board met in executive session to discuss disciplinary reports.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30.

The next meeting will be October 17 at 10:00.


Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret Lewis


August 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Tim Carl, President; Tricia Killeen, Club Manager; Directors: May Adams, Barbara Fedder, Bob Knoblock, Ted Mullett, Gini Stipp, Joan Tobler.
Also Attending: Vic Papai, Treasurer and Bill Searcy.
Absent: Margaret Lewis.

President, Tim Carl, called the meeting to order at 10:02am.

Gini Stipp moved and Bob Knoblock seconded that the secretary’s report be accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

While the net revenue over expenditures, and table count, continues to be down over 2016, the affect of this is partially offset by the increase in table fees. See full filed report. Move to accept by Gini Stipp and seconded by Joan Tobler.

Club Manager’s Report

Tricia asked, at members’ request, if the board wished to revisit the proposal of dropping the opening lead from the Bridgemate. The board did not.

She also presented a request from Elaine DeLaney for free-play, “Thank you for helping SBBC” vouchers for those who have helped with her 149er game. The board agreed, but limited he number to 12 per year.

The board also discussed the upcoming removal of the Stop card from the bidding boxes. This topic will be discussed at the Annual meeting in September and they will be removed at the time or the first of October. An article on this removal will also be included in September’s newsletter.

Director’s Report

There was no meeting on August 14th. The directors are meeting as time permits to discuss implementation of the new regulations.

Bob Knoblock will organize a committee to clean the bidding boxes.

The directors are enforcing Board-mandated slow play penalties.

President’s Report

Ask for board approval to turn the thermostat up one degree to 75; the board agreed.

Old Business

The Dupli-Swiss option for team games at the Club is being turned over to the directors for thier input and advice to the board.

New Business


The board also met in Executive Session to address a couple of issues.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30am.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gini Stipp
(for the Secretary)

August 2017 Manager’s Report

1. New members Fred Maione, Bob DuComb, and Gerry Wardzinski raise our total to 175.

1. In preparation for the September 12 Annual Meeting, the official notice of the meeting has been e-mailed and paper copies given to members without e-mail addresses.
2. The usual activities of preparing the July report for ACBL, reporting the 70% games, updating bulletin boards, updating the member’s points from the ACBL website, and taking care of member’s points situations have been completed.
3. September and October calendars have been distributed.
4. The Annual Report is being prepared to give to members at the Annual Meeting.
5. ACBL voted in Toronto to discontinue the use of the stop card. What steps will our club take to make the membership aware of the change?


The STOP card will disappear. The Board voted to curtail the use of the red card in all ACBL tournaments. Opponents will still be expected to wait 10 seconds after a skip bid is made, but no skip announcement or card will be used. The rule will go into effect on January 1, 2018. This regulation will not affect club games, but it is highly recommended that clubs stop using the cards as well.


After roughly two decades of use, the oft-controversial Stop card found in most ACBL bidding boxes will soon be missing from ACBL tournaments.
During meetings at this tournament, the ACBL Board of Directors voted 20-5 to eliminate the Stop card for any sanctioned tournament that starts after Jan. 1.
ACBL-affiliated clubs are not required to remove the Stop card from bidding boxes but are ENCOURAGED to do so.

Players, meanwhile, are reminded of the obligation to pause in the direct seat after a skip bid so as to avoid making unauthorized information available to their partners. Fast action any call or bid – is also covered in this admonition. Players should strive to maintain an even tempo during the auction.

The board’s vote came in response to a recommendation from the Competition and Conventions Committee to END THE USE of the Stop card.
The reasoning of the C and C Committee is that more people were using the Stop card for the benefit of their own partnerships than for that of the opponents. Another factor is that many players – particularly the less-experienced don’t understand it.

The bottom line, in the committee’s thinking, is that the pluses of using the Stop card don’t outweigh the minuses of its abuse.

Members’ Concerns
1. Could we take another poll of the membership to see if they still prefer putting the opening lead into the Bridgemate?

Elaine DeLaney would like to reward people who help her with the 149er game. I have asked Jo Ellen to print up 12 free play vouchers that say, “Thank you for helping SBBC.”