January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 by president Tim Carl.

Present: Tim Carl, Joan Tobler, Gini Stipp, Mary Adams, Bob Knoblock, Ted Mullett, Margaret Lewis, Barb Fedder, Lena Howard and Tricia Killeen.

Secretary’s Report: Motion that the minutes be accepted as distributed was made by Ted Mullett and seconded by Gini Stipp.

Treasurer’s Report: Ted Mullett presented the treasurers report. The table count continues to be down but we finished the year strong. The complete report is attached and posted. A motion was made by Joan Tobler and seconded by Barb Fedder that the treasurer’s report be accepted.

Manager’s Report: There was a discussion of Friday afternoon’s lesson and game and how the fees and funds should be handled. The proposal is that for two and a half tables, the club would be paid $10, $15 for three tables and $20 for a four table game. A recommendation was made that Ben Paulson replace John  Nicholas as webmaster for a fee of $50 a month, A parting gift will be sent to John Nicholas who has performed these duties cost free for six years.

Full report is posted and attached.

Discussion on slow play produced the suggestion that a penalty can be imposed without a warning at the director’s discretion. The current policy will be presented the directors at the meeting on the January 30th. The penalty is 1/4 board after the first time and 1/2 board the second time.

President’s Report: The President initiated a discussion on the use of Psych bids. The rules state that a questionable bid must be within one card
of bid or one Queen. A player may not use the Psych bid as often as he/she wishes. Using psych bids three or more times during a session disrupts the enjoyment of the game. If a bid is questionable, the director should be called. The reinstitution of the Psych log book will be discussed at the director’s meeting.

It was suggested that an article be placed in the Newsletter regarding Psych bids.

Player are reminded to call the director for any irregularity.

There being no new or old business, the meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be February 21, 2017 at 10:00.

Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret Lewis

January 2017 Manager’s Report

At present we have 158 members (16 fewer than last year).

1. We have sanctioned a 149er game on Friday afternoons from 2-5 pm. Elaine DeLaney and I suggest an entry fee of $7/player.
2. The usual duties of preparing the monthly report, updating the bulletin boards and database in ACBL Score have been performed. Non-renewed members have been purged from the database.
3. The annual updating of the membership in ACBLScore has been done.
4. The 2017 phone and e-mail directories are ready for publication.
5. I have registered for the February, 2017 StaC games and posted Conditions of Contest on the Director’s bulletin board. Sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin boards.
6. The Farner trophy is being engraved with Elaine DeLaney’s and Dick Hastings’ names.
7. Many thanks are due to Joan Tobler and Elaine DeLaney for filling in for me in December and January.
8. John Nichols has asked to be replaced as our webmaster. Ben Paulson will work with John to take over by the end of January.
9. The Special Games At The Bridge Center in 2017 Handout has been revised and distributed.
10. We had to cancel the 1/10/17 game because the boards from 1/3/17 were used. Refunds have been issued to all the players involved.

Recognition Program and Trophy Wall
1. We have 10 honorees: Elaine DeLaney (diamond), Sara Marcus (sapphire), John Bodish (gold), Shirley Soucek (silver), Vic Papai and Richard Scheibelhut (ruby),Leslie Garvey and Gail Wells (bronze), Bob Knoblock and Lynn Miller (life). Since Lynn and Shirley won’t be here until May, I propose holding the Recognition Program in June.
2. Work on the trophy Wall has begun.

Members’ Concerns
1. Unprofessional behavior of directors
2. Directors allowing extremely weak pre-empting with no penalties
3. Number of free plays
4. Pay scale for directors
5. Directors tolerating slow play