November 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 by President Joan Tobler.


Board Members Marty Martin, Barb Fedder, Ted Mullett, Bob Knoblock, Bill Searcy, Gini Stipp, Leslie Garvey, Margaret Lewis and Club Manager, Tricia Killeen.

Secretary’s Report

There were two corrections. The special meeting on October 10th began at 12:00 rather than 10. The spelling of Leslie Garvey’s name was corrected. It was moved by Bill Searcy and seconded by Marty Martin that the October  17th minutes be accepted with the necessary corrections. The motion passed. The Board also approved the minutes of the special meeting on October 10. Motion  to accept  – Gini Stipp , seconded by Barb Fedder, Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Ted Mullett

The treasurer reported October was a good month for club finances due to good table count, contributions for STAC week, and special games. The balance in the checking account is $11,401 and the balance in the savings account is $10,601. It was moved by Bob Knoblock and seconded by Barb Fedder that the treasurer’s report be accepted. Motion passed.

Manager’s Report – Tricia Killeen

The board discussed the additional cost of the 2018  ACBL- wide special games and which games the club should register for or eliminate. During the discussion several members volunteered to contribute the extra table fees associated with these special games.

  • Tuesday, January 23: ABL – wide Junior Fund ($7.35/table) – Barb Fedder
  • Wednesday, February 21: ACBL-wide Charity Game ($7.35/table) Barb Fedder
  • Friday & Saturday June 1-2 World Wide Pairs ( $13 per table) will be eliminated.
  • Monday July 9:and Wednesday October 31st – Instant Match point game ($12/table) Richard Mao
  • Thursday, September 13: International Fund ($7.35/table) Marty Martin

A Sponsor is needed for the following game: Monday, December 17, International Fund ($7.35/table)

By Laws

The Bylaws will be discussed at the December board meeting. The Board will vote in January. A special membership meeting will be called in February, 15-30 days after the vote for approval of the bylaws.

The Board went into executive session.

Directors’ Report – Bill Searcy

  • The directors will continue to monitor slow play.
  • At the last Board meeting Bob Knoblock volunteered to make the boards for all the games. Bill Searcy made a motion, seconded by Gini Stipp, that the stipend for this be raised to $25 a week. The motion was passed.
  • The board members were invited to attend Directors meeting. They are held immediately following the Monday game preceding the Board meeting.
  • Bill explained the difficulty of balancing the field.
  • At the direction of the board, the Director may play when someone doesn’t have a partner if it doesn’t compromise the movement . The directors must be careful that this is not abused.

Old Business

Lease Renewal – There will be a $20 increase to $1571.81 beginning in June 2019. It was  moved by Bill Searcy and seconded by Bob Knoblock that we approve and sign the new lease. Motion Passed. John Killeen, Gini Stipp and Ted Mullett will decide on appropriate carpet within the budget set.

Discussion of Free plays will be tabled until December.

Due the lateness of the hour, the President suggested we move the meeting time back to 10:00.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 19 at 10:AM


Respectfully Submitted,

Margaret Lewis


November 2017 Manager’s Report

Our Games

  1. We collected $320 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society on November 13. (the club contributed $64 for a total of $414.00)


  1. The membership drive will run through December. We have registered several snowbirds ahead of time.
  2. SBBC is delighted to acknowledge the generosity of several of our members: An anonymous donor contributed $150 toward the extra table cost of StaC week, another contributed a new director’s chair and several chairs. Karen Nagy donated 3 book cases for our library. Rich Mao contributed $140 toward the extra table cost of the Instant Matchpoint Game.


  1. The usual duties of filing the monthly report with ACBL, updating the bulletin boards and database, and settling members’ master point issues have been performed.
  2. An updated key inventory is available.
  3. Our 2018 games sanctions have been filed.
  4. Information regarding the District NAP Tournament has been posted on the bulletin board.
  5. Which ACBL-wide special games does the Board wish to register for?
  • Tuesday, January 23: ACBL-wide Junior Fund ($7.35/table)
  • Wednesday, February 21: ACBL-wide Charity Game ($7.35 table)
  • Monday, March 19: Senior Pairs ($5/table)
  • Friday & Saturday, June 1-2: World Wide Pairs (Friday evening, Saturday afternoon) ($13/table)
  • June 17-24: The Longest Day
  • Monday July 9: Instant Matchpoint Game ($12/table)
  • Thursday, September 13: International Fund ($7.35/table)
  • Friday, October 5: Senior Pairs ($5/table)
  • Wednesday, October 31: Instant Matchpoint Game ($12/table)
  • Monday, December 17: International Fund ($7.35/table)
  1. A job description of the Club Manager has been prepared and posted on the bulletin boards.
  2. The Bylaws have been re-typed to reflect special membership meeting changes in the past. A separate handout of proposed bylaws changes is accompanying this report. The Bylaws Committee (John Killeen, Tim Carl, Gini Stipp, Bruce BonDurant) met to discuss proposed changes.