September 2017 Board Meeting Minutes


Leslie Garvey, Tim Carl, Marty Martin, Joan Tobler, Gini Stipp, Bob Knobloick, Barb Fedder Mary Adams, Ted Mullett, Bill Searcy, Margaret Lewis  and Club Manager Tricia Killeen.

Secretary’s Report

It was moved by Joan Tobler and seconded by Gini Stipp that the minutes be accepted.

Treasurer’s Report – Ted Mullett

A motion was made by Bob Knoblock and seconded by Joan Tobler to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. The complete report is attached and posted.

Manager’s Report – Tricia Killeen

Tricia reported that the manager of Town and Country Shopping Center has offered to replace our carpeting if we extend our lease. Ted Mullett volunteered to meet with John Becker and review the lease.

A special brief board meeting will be held on October 10th at 12:15 to elect officers.

Extensive discussion was held on the possibility of an evening game beginning in January.

Director’s Report – Bob Knoblock

New rules become effective on September 25th. The stop cards will be removed from the bidding boxes. 

There was a discussion of who should have keys to the Bridge Center. Those authorized to have keys are the directors, manager, president, hostesses and teachers.  All other members who may have keys are asked to turn them in.

A list of available substitutes who live close to the center will be prepared. This will be helpful in the event a player’s partner fails to show up.

Bill Searcy, Head Director, made additional comments about the new rulings:

  • When the stop card comes out of the bidding box, the left hand opponent is still required to pause 8-10 seconds before bidding.
  • There are new rules on bidding out of turn and making an insufficient bid.  The director’s ruling must be accepted.  Several of the new laws give the director the option of adjusting a board.

Players are reminded and encouraged to call the director if there is a problem at the table.

In regards to Dupli – Swiss games for Swiss team play, the directors feel it is not appropriate for our club. It would cost the club an additional $600 per year in director’s fees for the boards to be made.

President’s Report – Tim Carl

He welcomed the new board members and spent a few moments reflecting on his years on the board.

Tricia presented thank you gifts to departing board members, Mary Adams and Tim Carl.

New Business

The board met in executive session to discuss disciplinary reports.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30.

The next meeting will be October 17 at 10:00.


Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret Lewis